System Recommendations


The speed at which computer performance levels are expanded is much faster than the increase of computer performance requirement levels for MONITOR. The specification of the computer equipment here below is a recommendation based on the prerequisites and experience we have as of spring 2015, and remains until other is stated. In our recommendations regarding hardware we assess it to have a technical useful life of approximately 3 years.

If you have questions regarding the system recommendations, please contact the Monitor Support Center by phone +46 650 766 03 (press 4 for General system and Installation) or via e-mail at [email protected].

The demands on the hardware are determined by the number of users in MONITOR as well as the size of the database. Small installations can be installed on a Small Business Server or on another existing server as long as the available resources are sufficient regarding main memory and hard drive space.

For large installations we recommend separate disk partitions for the operating system and the MONITOR software. This can either be physical or virtual.

The MONITOR database server shall be adapted as a traditional SQL server. This requires a substantial amount of main memory, fast redundant drives and fast CPU.

In order to obtain the highest possible performance reliability in clients and servers, we recommend that you purchase all your hardware (database server, work stations, printers and network equipment) from well-known manufacturers. Please consult with your IT supplier/installer, or contact us at Monitor ERP System AB, before you purchase your equipment.

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