News in MONITOR Version 7.5

Here you can read more about the most important new features and improvements in MONITOR version 7.5.

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MONITOR Business Intelligence

We are now launching a separate program called MONITOR Business Intelligence. The purpose of the program is to present data in a way that will make it easier for you to follow-up on your business, make analyses and create decision bases. The program supports multi company management. The data from all company databases in MONITOR will be presented in charts and lists, first at an aggregated level which can then be analyzed in detail in order to find out of what the data consists, a so-called “drill down”.

MONITOR Beslutsstöd

The MONITOR Business Intelligence (BI) is included in the standard MONITOR program and consists of the following views: Manufacturing Order Log, Purchase Statistics, Sales Statistics, Cost of Poor Quality, Priority Plan and Report Generator. There is one view for each module in MONITOR. These views can be used immediately, except for the views Manufacturing Order Log and Priority Plan where you must first create an outline of a factory section that you link to work centers. In the Report Generator view, complete income statement and balance sheets are included. These reports can be used as they are, they can be re-configured or they can be used as templates for new reports.

You can also purchase a number of additional views to further extend the program. The views that you can purchase today are:  Rejects, Order Backlog (Sales and Purchase), Order Inflow (Sales), Delivery Reliability (Sales and Purchase) as well as Statistics. You will be able to purchase other additional views later on.

Blanket Order

Now you will find new procedures to manage what we call “blanket orders”.  A blanket order is an order where you have an agreed quantity and price for a part under a certain period of time. Based on this blanket order you then call off quantities from the order. In the Sales module, a blanket order refers to when the customer have committed himself  to purchase a part at an agreed quantity and price during a certain period of time. In the corresponding way you will also find blanket orders in the Purchase module. Then a blanket order is when you have committed yourself to order a certain quantity at an agreed price.

Increased Functionality for Activities

Previously you could register and follow-up activities for e.g. customers, suppliers and parts in MONITOR. Now this is also possible for quotes, customer orders, inquiries and purchase orders. You can also insert activity templates. This is useful when you create a new part or when you want to follow-up on quotes sent. The templates include for example default administrators and finish dates.

Pre-Calculation – P-parts

In MONITOR you can now make pre-calculations for P-parts and save the result to, for example, standard price. For a part you can now register expenses such as freight, packaging, customs duty, etc. These expenses will then be added to the part’s purchase price during calculation.

Managing Supplier’s Vacation Periods

Now it is possible to manage a supplier’s vacation periods in MONITOR. For purchase orders created manually you will see a warning if you try to register a purchase for a date on which the supplier is closed for vacation. For purchase orders created automatically the system will consider the vacation periods to make sure that the purchases do not end up on these dates

Show Part Balance in Other Companies

You can now see an overview of part balances, including order suggestions and/or delivery time checks, for several companies in MONITOR. You can also see the Order window for other company databases. You select the databases for which you want to see the part balance. If you use the supplement Warehouse Management, you can configure whether or not all or individual warehouses in each respective company should be included in the part balance.

Several Selections for the Same Search Term

Under the Create tab in all regular lists in MONITOR, you can now add several rows used to select by the same search term. Each search row has now got a plus sign at the end of the row. If you click on the plus sign, an additional row appears searching for the same data as the one you copied. This will make it easier to search for parts within two intervals at the same time. This also works together with default values and the MONITOR Agent (which is a supplement to MONITOR).

Three-party Trading

The support for managing three-party trading has been further developed in MONITOR. By three-party trading we mean that goods are sold among three different parties, for example from A to B who in turn sells it to C, and that the goods are delivered directly from A to C. If your company is the middleman (B) during three-party trading, specific rules apply to VAT accounting and EC sales list.

Revaluate Ledgers

In MONITOR it is now possible to revaluate and record exchange rate differences in the accounts receivable ledger and accounts payable ledger in the general ledger in connection to the year-end closing. The invoices’ booked rate is compared with an AFS rate and the difference is recorded as an unrealized exchange profit/loss.