Here you can read about the most important new features and improvements in version 8.0 of MONITOR.

The official version will be released in January 2015.

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Improvements in the User Interface

We have made several improvements regarding the user interface. We have also modernize the layout, a so-called facelift. For example high resolution and more colorful icons and symbols. You can read about the major improvements below:

  • A new logon window where you can select which company you want to logon to.
  • Shortcut to the MONITOR Business Intelligence.
  • A bread crumb trail for each help section. You will also find a web based help function.
  • A background image can be selected in MONITOR. There are seven available alternatives.
  • New search fields are added for procedures in the menu.
  • You can now drag and drop documents directly from the Update Document Path to other procedures in MONITOR (included in the supplement Document Viewing)

Service Management

A new supplement called Service Management has been developed for companies that perform service of their own products. You can plan service engagements, spread information about service engagements and report service engagements. By using this supplement you can manage installation tasks and warranty commitments, as well as urgent and planned machine service. The Service Management handles service engagements performed at the customer's location or at your own facilities. The service can be performed by your own personnel or by external suppliers/business partners. The mobile application MONITOR Mobile has been further developed so that service technicians out in the field easily can plan and report their work. The product register has been given extended functionality to support the service management (see below).

Flexible Part Import

There is a new flexible procedure called Part Import. This procedure can be used if, for example, parts or BOM lists should be imported from CAD-systems or if a customer sends us a text file with new part numbers. It is easy to configure the order of the data in the text files in so that the correct fields will be filled in in the part register. These configurations can then be saved as templates for different text files.

Improvements in the Product Register

The product register has been given extended functionality to support the service management. You will, for example, find functions used to change owner, save meter readings and see old meter readings. You can see all registered nonconformities (current and old) and you can also see how different serial numbers have been combined to create an assembled product. The serial number can be created from both purchase orders and customer orders.

8D Reports in the Nonconformity Management

Improvements have been made regarding the nonconformity management and you can now create own configurations for so-called 8D reports.

Performance Improvements of Netting Runs

Improvements and optimization have been made to increase the performance in the procedures Run Netting and Run Netting Manufacturing Forecast.

New Recording License for Work Recording

You will now find a new, more inexpensive, license type which only contain functionality and procedures used for work recording. The license includes the following procedures in MONITOR: Order Info, Material Reporting, Print Transport Labels, Part Info, Register Nonconformity, Recording Terminal and Document Viewer.

Cash Discount

Now it is possible to use cash discounts during payments out and payments in. You can enter the cash discount in days and percent on the payment term. You can also enter a grace period for cash discounts for payments in.

New Features in the MONITOR Mobile

The mobile application MONITOR Mobile has been further developed so that service technicians out in the field easily can plan and report their work. The reporting made in the mobile application will then be updated directly in MONITOR You can also authorize supplier invoices using the mobile application. The user interface has also been improved. Now Windows Phone is also supported (besides from iOS and Android which are already supported).

* MONITOR Mobile is a supplement that can be purchased separately.

New Features in the MONITOR Business Intelligence

We are now launching three supplement views in the Sales module in the MONITOR Business Intelligence (BI). The views are CRM activities, Quotes and Customer status. Now you can sort by Quantity in the chart found in the Sales statistics view. Accumulated amount can now be shown as an own bar in charts.

The supplement views are purchased separately.

We are now releasing MONITOR version 7.5.13!

You can read the fix list to see what has been changed in this version. You will find the fix list under Support -> MONITOR Fix List. Here you will also find fix lists for previous versions.

Read more about the news in MONITOR version 7.5.