Here you can read about the most important new features and improvements in version 8.2 of MONITOR.

The official version 8.2 will be released in December 2016.

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Service Management

In this version of MONITOR the Service Management is completely redesigned. However, the Service Management is still a supplement to MONITOR. The menu item Service Management, in the Sales module, has been removed. Now you register service orders in the Register Customer Order procedure instead. When you load a service part (a manufactured part registered with service information in the Update Service procedure) the window Register service appears. On the row you will then find the button  under the Service column if the row contains a service part. This button is used to load the window Register service. In this window you can for example make changes of the service, if needed. You must create a manufacturing order so that the service technician can record on or report the service. You can add new operations and material to the manufacturing order in the reporting procedures or in the Adding / Replanning procedure.

In the new procedure called Service Summary, the reportings and recordings made are summarized. This way you can check that the price to customer will be correct. An invoice basis is created when saving. The Register Basic Data - Service procedure has been replaced with the procedures Update Service and Update Service Technician to simplify the administration of the basic data regarding service. The main advantages with the redesigned service management in MONITOR are:

  • Service orders and customer orders are managed in the same lists and procedures (Order List, Order Inflow and Pick Lists).
  • Possibility to register several service engagements for different serial numbers per order.
  • Possibility to register for example the installation of part and the actual part on the same order.
  • Possibility to follow-up all stages included in a service.
  • All functions regarding manufacturing orders (documents, preparation, stock withdrawals, reporting, recording and follow-ups).

The main advantages with the redesigned service management in MONITOR Mobile are:

  • Possibility to perform partial reporting (only report time) on services.
  • Possibility to register for example meter readings and number of cycles for a serial number.
  • Possibility to see your job queue per service or service operation.
  • Possibility to link from customer order info to service reporting.

Priority Plan Chart

A new procedure called Priority Plan Chart has been added where you can plan the priority plans in chart form. This means that you can plan operations during the day and add desired gaps between the runs. The data is shown according to the master plan and you can lock the operations at a specific time. You will find operations not locked on a separate row in the chart. From there you pick the operations that you want to lock by dragging them to the time axis. You cannot overload by planning two operations at the same time but there must be available time on the time axis. The workload or volume is shown in number of operations or hours.

New Flexible Management of Serial Numbers

You can now create serial numbers in a flexible way using an unlimited number of series.

Improvements during Import

In the Part Import procedure, when selecting the type Parts, you can now update basic data also for existing parts. Preparation operations can now be imported by using the new type Operations. This applies to new parts as well as existing parts without previous operations.

New procedures are added used to import new customers and suppliers from a tab-separated text file as well as update existing customer and supplier information.

Agreement - Create Invoice Basis from Agreement

Creating invoice bases from customer and supplier agreements is a new function in this version. Please note that this function is intended to be used on agreements regarding expense invoices such as rent, leasing, cleaning, etc., which occur with fixed intervals. You can also perform accrual accounting on an agreement.

Synchronize All Levels in a Manufacturing Order

It is now possible to synchronize all levels on a manufacturing order in the Register Manufacturing Order procedure.

Report Measuring Data during Receiving Inspection

Now it is possible to report measuring data during receiving inspection. This is activated by the setting "Use measuring points in receiving inspection". In the new procedure Measuring Points - Purchase you can register templates for measuring data that later can be used in the Update Part - Purchase procedure. For parts that need receiving inspection and have entered measuring points you can report measuring data in the Receiving Inspection Reporting procedure.

New Payment Format - ISO 20022

ISO 20022 is a new standard when sending payments. It is based on the file format pain.001.001.03. There is a payment method in MONITOR called ISO that supports this file format.

The following banks are supported in MONITOR:

  • SE-Banken
  • Nordea
  • Handelsbanken
  • Swedbank
  • Danske Bank

Please note!
Please contact your bank before you start using the new format!

Electronic Invoice Management (EIM)

Now annotations, stamps, etc. on supplier invoices are saved in a separate database field. This means that the original invoice image will be saved as it was when first imported to EIM. The MONITOR Electronic Invoice Management (EIM) is a supplement to MONITOR.

Separate authorization flows for expense invoices and order invoices regarding amount limits and head signer have been added. This way it is possible to manage these flows differently depending on the invoice type.

Improved Activity Management in the Project Accounting

Main activities are added to the activity management in project. A main activity summarizes the belonging sub-activities. Using main activities, the activities and different phases in a project are better structured and presented since you can expand and minimize the belonging sub-activities.

E-mail Method

A new method to send e-mail has now been added called Via Outlook. Using this method you can send e-mails directly from your Outlook. Your signature can be used in the e-mail message and the e-mail method does not lock MONITOR or Outlook when the e-mail message is open.

Performance Optimizing Measures

We have improved the performance to make the MONITOR system work even faster.

We are now releasing MONITOR version 8.1.13!

You can read the fix list for 8.1.13 to see what has been changed in this version. You will find the fix list under Support -> MONITOR Fix List. Here you will also find fix lists for previous versions.

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