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Availability of financing options when you invest in MONITOR ERP System

Looking for financial assistance for your ERP implementation? There are various options available in the form of easy financing from banks and government grants for SMEs.

It can be confusing to identify which option you qualify for and decide which one to apply. We are here to help you with identifying the most suitable financing option for your manufacturing business.

Government grants available for SME manufacturers are as listed but not limited to the list below:

  1. Industry4WRD Intervention Fund by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI)
  2. Smart Automation Grant (SAG) by Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA)
  3. Business Scale-Up Programme (Biz-Up Programme) by SME Corp Malaysia

Reach out to us via our contact form for inquiries about applying SME grants. Our qualified representative will be in touch with you to understand your unique requirements and advise you accordingly on the appropriate government grant to apply for or any available financing options.

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