Malaysia Productivity Corporation writes about Monitor ERP System

Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) is a statutory body under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) that provides value-added information on productivity, quality, competitiveness, and best practices. MPC has published an article about how Monitor ERP System has brought Swedish best practices into our organisation, and to our customers in SE Asia.

"Founded in 1974 in Hudiksvall, Sweden, Monitor ERP System made history by being the first company to provide software solutions to businesses in its hometown. This happened in a time when the use of computers, even for businesses, was unheard of. From a seed of an idea, three people got together, including current CEO Morgan Persson, and programmed the first version of the Monitor ERP System.

Through customisation and honing of its specialised software system to meet the needs of the manufacturing sector, completely, the concept is now fully grown and has expanded out of Sweden into South-East Asia with a presence in Malaysia through its subsidiary, Monitor ERP System Sdn. Bhd. The Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) spoke with Daniel Häggmark, the Managing Director of the Malaysian and Singaporean subsidiary company, to find out more about how the company utilises Swedish best practices in its Malaysian operations."