Our companies around the world use the MONITOR ERP system

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AQ Group is a global manufacturer of components and systems for industrial customers with high demands. The business is organized in specialized business areas with operating companies, who offer cost effective solutions for their customers. The consolidated knowledge in the AQ Group, along with a global presence offer unique benefits to customers around the world. Quality is central to everything and is something constantly worked at to develop. Quality and efficiency go hand in hand.

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Why did you choose the MONITOR ERP system?

– Several of our companies had different ERP systems in the beginning. We wanted to use the same ERP system in all of our companies. MONITOR was the best alternative for our business as a global manufacturer of components and systems for industrial customers with high demands. MONITOR also offered features and functions that made it easy for us to communicate with customers and suppliers, says Per Lindblad, Business Development and IT Manager at AQ Group.

In what way does MONITOR differ from other ERP systems?

– It is easy for us to move the production of a product from one company within the group to another. This is possible since they are more or less registered in the same way in the different companies, this also applies to the parts. In MONITOR there are links to both customers and suppliers which is of great use to us. The system has also a “drag and drop” function which makes it easy for us to manage for example invoices and order confirmations, says Per.

Is it important to you, at group level, that all of your companies use MONITOR?

– Our companies, located around the world, use MONITOR and appreciate the system. It is easy to switch from one language to another which facilitates work for our personnel. We have a decentralized organization and it is more important to us that the ERP system runs smoothly for our employees than for us to manage it centrally at group level, says Per.

How did the implementation of MONITOR go?

– It was easy to implement the MONITOR ERP system, both in Sweden and abroad. The system is standardized and therefore easy to start using and to learn the work flow. In connection with the implementation we converted data from our previous systems which turned out well. We have also, during the preliminary study for implementation in new companies, been able to investigate how large a portion of the system our other companies have used. In that way we have been able to see our shortcomings and where to make improvements which has been a great benefit, says Per.

How does MONITOR affect your ability to act and succeed as a subcontractor?

– First of all, all our companies must be run efficiently and have a proper system support to follow-up on nonconformities and take actions. On the start page in MONITOR we can for example see the status of customer and purchase orders. This way we are constantly motivated to achieve better results which in turn will improve our business. It is of great importance to us that we deliver quality to our customers. Our customers choose us based on our performance and if we have a solid foundation with a reliable ERP system then it will be easier for us to keep our high quality, Per says.

Does MONITOR contribute in the process to further develop your business?

– MONITOR affects the result in a positive way and Monitor ERP System AB is sensitive to our opinions and needs. We have a close relationship with Monitor which can be useful to both of us, Per says.

“Our companies around the world use the MONITOR ERP system“

Per Lindblad
Business Development and IT Manager
AQ Group AB

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