In MONITOR G5 we introduce tens of thousands of news and improvements of our complete ERP system for manufacturing companies. A new modern user interface that still feels familiar. Great performance enhancements in calculation procedures. The planning of production has been reworked and improved. A new app makes your information available to you regardless of where you are. There is a whole new level of flexibility throughout the system and you can for example design your own lists, reports, and documents.

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There are many advantages of upgrading to MONITOR G5. Below you see a few of them.

Up To Date

MONITOR G5 is completely based on new technology and is designed in a three-tier architecture: user interface, business logic, and database. All business logic is located on the server and a thin client only presents the user interface. The user can now freely place different features and functions on the new and interactive desktop, such as the loading plan, shortcuts to favorite procedures, or links to websites. Powerful technology together with the modern but yet familiar user interface gives you a better system to work with.

Packed With News

In MONITOR G5 there are tens of thousands of news and improvements. A few examples are a pre-calculation and a net requirement calculation up to twenty times as fast, brand new work flows for delivery planning, and also small but powerful improvements such as being able to use more characters in part numbers and the ability to add images in comments and additional text rows. All news have been incorporated because of one single purpose – to satisfy your need of an ERP system at the highest level – which is efficient and easy to work in.

Efficient Planning

We have taken our unique specialization in production and logistics to the next level in MONITOR G5. With a more transparent master plan and an improved detail planning (planning by the hour) you now get an even better control of your production processes. Visual planning, Coordinated processing, and Pool planning provide you with useful tools to help you increase the productivity of your business.

Access On The Go

In MONITOR G5 there is an app for smartphones/tablets where you always have access to your information – no matter where you are! This app is a standard feature. Salespersons can see information about customers and quotes directly in their smartphone and the person working in a warehouse can use the app to perform stock-count and arrival/delivery reporting. Other examples of features easily managed in the app are authorization of invoices and authorizing attendance/work recording.


Is your business growing or do you already have several different companies with shared basic data? By using the upcoming function called Multi-company management in MONITOR G5, you can provide better control and coordination for the entire group by gathering all companies in one system. The handling of internal transactions between the companies is simplified. Purchase and financial functions will gain a more effective way of working where you can easily shift between different companies in the procedure you are working. At the same time, all follow-ups are also facilitated since the statistics from multiple companies are gathered in one place.

A Flexible Standard System

MONITOR G5 is – just like its predecessor – a “turn-key” system with many reports and document templates ready to use. But now we can offer functionality where you can modify the design/layout of all documents by using a visual document template. You can also create your own lists with your specific contents and have it presented in a way that fits your needs. In the Business Intelligence it is also possible to construct your views from scratch and then present your information in a clear way.

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