Monitor Mobile

Your CRM on the Go

MONITOR Mobile is an application for mobile phones and tablet computers. It helps you to efficiently get an overview of the CRM and to obtain direct access to MONITOR. The application allows you to access information about customers, quotes, orders, and parts, and you can also view key figures about your company from MONITOR.

Gather Information with Business Intelligence

For you to reach the correct decisions for the company it is important that you are well informed about the business. Business Intelligence is a feature you can use to view the Start page in MONITOR, providing a summary of the different key figures in gauges and charts. Using this current and correct information, you can then make the correct decision.

MONITOR Mobile of Today and in the Future

We continually upgrade and develop the functionality of the MONITOR Mobile app, based on the requirements of the market and of our customers. It is important to us to accommodate and listen to our customers in order for all of us to have continued development within the business. We strive to meet our customers’ high expectations on us as a supplier of an ERP system for manufacturing companies.

In MONITOR Mobile there are 5 different functions in addition to the business intelligence:

  • Customer – Here you can search for customers, view their contact information and call or send them SMS/e-mail directly. You can view and write in the CRM log. You can also show linked e-mail messages.
  • Quotes – In this part of the application you can see all of ”your” current quotes, but you also have the opportunity to view all open quotes. You can view both head and rows of the quote.
  • Customer order – When you use the Customer order function you can use similar functions as in the Customer Order Info in the MONITOR system. You can for example see which status a certain customer order has and also see status for linked manufacturing orders, if any.
  • Activities – In the Activity List you can view all overdue activities from the CRM. Here you may choose an activity, contact the customer and also end the activity, if required. After that you can make a note in the log.
  • Parts - The Part Info is an appreciated function in MONITOR. This function in the application corresponds to the part info and there you can search for parts and then load a planning chart containing both balance and available balance. You can also see supplier links, sales prices, and general info under different tabs.



  • MONITOR Mobile Server: SEK 5000:- + 1000:-/year
  • MONITOR Mobile App license: SEK 900:-/each/year


Other Info

The MONITOR Mobile app is available for smart phones and tablet computers with operating system iOS5 or later and Android 2.2 or later. What you need in order to use the application is an Internet connection, that your MONITOR system is of version 7.3 or later, and also a separate server software on you MONITOR server. You can download the application for free on App Store and Google Play. The server software is delivered by Monitor ERP System AB.

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