MONITOR Web – Shop

An Easy Way to Do Business

The MONITOR Web - Shop is a flexible web-application used to spread information and offer different services to customers and retailers. The MONITOR Web – Shop is very user-friendly and uses a pleasant interface. The powerful search function makes it easy for the user to find what he or she is looking for. Via the administration interfaces you can affect both the layout and the functionality of the page.

The web shop makes it possible for both new and existing customers to easily place orders, view order status and order history, and also access current product information. The information is always up-to-date since all data is loaded directly from MONITOR. You can also present news, discount offers, top lists and gallery in the web shop.

The MONITOR Web - Shop is an efficient way of marketing your company, products and services. By using the web shop you can increase your availability and simplify your sales.

Functions in the MONITOR Web – Shop

When a user creates an account in the web shop, a new customer will also be created in your MONITOR system. The user can then administer his/her own profile in the web shop. Already existing customers in MONITOR can be given a web shop account by your administrator.

When purchasing products in the web shop your customers will follow a user-friendly. The order placed in the shop will result in a customer order in your MONITOR system. An e-mail confirmation will be sent to both you and your customer.

Here you will see some of the functions that are available in the MONITOR Web – Shop:

  • Product description including images and documents
  • Ability to link parts to one other
  • Built-in feature supporting invoice payment and card payment
  • Quick order
  • Ability to load prices from different price lists and show them in different currencies
  • Function for managing freight costs
  • Viewing different types of part balances
  • Warehouses
  • Selecting languages
  • Access system based on user type

What you need

In order to run the web shop you have to equip your server with the following software:

  • Windows 2008 is recommended, but you can also use Windows 2003
  • IIS 6 or later version
  • .NET Framework 4 or later version

In addition to this, the web server also has to be able to communicate with the server where MONITOR’s database manager (Sybase) is installed. For security reasons we recommend that the web shop and Sybase are installed on different servers. The Sybase server should be located in the internal network (LAN) while the web server should be located outside the internal network (DMZ).