In MONITOR, there is a built-in integration support for various systems. The following describes the integration of support available in the current situation.


Integration is the Web-TA (Schenker), PartsLink Online (DSV), Contribution and Fradok (DHL).

DSV_Routing.csv New routing codes for DSV Road. These are valid from 2012-01-11 and must be added to shipping documents must be accurate. All MONITOR versions up to, and need to add the file as below. The new routing codes will be included in version 07.03.06,, and


Download the file to the left and copy it to the directory Monwin the database server or single-user computer.

Export Memnon.pdf Description to send shipment information from MONITOR to shippers Schenker, DSV, Post, m fl. (Swedish)
DHL_Fradok.pdf Description to send shipment information from MONITOR to shipper DHL. (Swedish)
Posten Information about Posten Package and Pallet Services. (Swedish)

Factoring Export

Integration is the export of factoring files to the bank.

Factoring.pdf Instructions describing how the settings are made for export factoring files. (Swedish)

Exports to pay program

Export_av_loneunderlag.pdf Export of salary details to Kontek, Agda, Hogia Lön, Hogia Lön Plus, SoftOneLön, Visma 600, Carat, HR+, Personec and Huldt & Lillevik. You can even export schedule information if the salary program supports that. (Swedish)