More efficient manufacturing with Monitor G5: “A real boost”

National Halmstad had backed itself into a corner, with too many customer-specific adaptations. The company needed a more standardized ERP system which could help it achieve its goal – a digitalized, effective process flow throughout the factory. So it chose Monitor G5.

National Halmstad manufactures plastic and rubber products used primarily in the automotive industry, but also in the construction, energy, shipping, mining, and industrial sectors. In short, wherever something needs to be protected from weather and wind.

“Above all, our customers choose us because of our flexibility and our ability to adapt our products to their needs,” explains Johan Rössel, who runs the company alongside his two brothers – the third generation since the family business was set up.

National switched to Monitor G5 at the start of 2021. The system it used previously had been adapted over a long period in line with the company’s specific working methods. Yet as more and more adaptations were added, there was less flexibility and scope to continue development.

“We’d backed ourselves into a costly, complicated corner. So instead, we chose a brand new system in which the basic functions were already included,” says Benny Nilsson, Production Manager at National Halmstad.

This helps us to keep everything within a single process flow, oversee it all, and achieve a high level of efficiency across the company.

The company has big visions for the future. They aim to digitalize and streamline their process flows, from incoming orders and quotes all the way to delivery.

“We felt that in order to make this happen, we had to take the next step. And Monitor was the right solution,” he adds.

Monitor ticked a number of the company’s boxes. Like the ability to connect multiple systems to form a complete solution, specifically adapted for manufacturing companies.

“We can see that management of certain areas of our production chain have really been improved. Subcontracted work, subcontractors, and invoices, among others. And we can see that our workforce is committed and willing to take part in the development of our work with Monitor,” Nilsson explains.

“Entering new parts in the system is a daily activity. We wanted to manage this more efficiently, from inquiry to delivery. And here I think Monitor covers all the bases. It gives us a good overview, and we can see costs as well as planning hours. This helps us to keep everything within a single process flow, oversee it all, and achieve a high level of efficiency across the company.”

Factfile – National Halmstad

Established: 1941

Serves: Automotive, construction, energy, shipping, mining and industrial sectors

No. of employees: Around 180

Turnover: Around SEK 350 million