AC Floby chose Monitor ERP

In its large factory based in Floby spanning almost 40,000 square meters, the company has been manufacturing brake pads and connecting rods since the 1960s. The site is home to just over 500 employees, who manufacture components for the automotive industry.

Automotive Components Floby AB's (AC Floby) main product categories are brake pads, wheel hubs and connecting rods for passenger cars and heavy vehicles. Striving to streamline its activities, the company took the decision to change ERP system. And after a tough selection process, it chose Monitor ERP.

Morgan Svensson, Purchase Director at AC Floby. He was in favor of Monitor, mainly due to the system’s simplicity.

“Historically, different departments and units within the company have developed their own applications for their own specific needs. But Monitor G5 is a system we all use right across the business,” he explains.

Monitor G5 is a system we all use right across the business.
Morgan Svensson, Purchase Director

The selection process involved a number of ERP systems which were benchmarked against a list of specifications drawn up by AC Floby. Monitor G5 satisfied the most requirements on the list.

“The biggest advantage with Monitor ERP is that there’s standard functionality which means we don’t need customized solutions. This often leads to a greater need for support, which drives costs.”

According to Morgan Svensson, user friendliness – that the system encourages curiosity and finding new solutions – is key.

“In our view, compared to other options, Monitor G5 is a cost-effective system," said Morgan Svensson, Director of Purchasing at AC Floby.

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