Sustainability by Monitor simplifies reporting for Nortek

“Monitor ERP’s Sustainability by Monitor functionality simplifies our climate reporting and makes our everyday work easier,” explains Therese Baas, head of quality and sustainability at the Norwegian company Nortek.

Headquartered at Rud, in Bærum, Nortek is known as one of the leading manufacturers of oceanographic instruments for wave and current measurement, as well as systems for underwater navigation. As a company operating close to the sea, they are naturally committed to promoting sustainability and reducing their climate impact.

When Nortek heard about Sustainability by Monitor they were interested right away. The functionality helps companies to measure their environmental impact, evaluate the data and take strategic measures to reduce emissions and resource consumption.

“In today's industrial landscape, environmental requirements are constantly increasing and more and more suppliers – not least public authorities – will eventually request environmental reports from companies,” says Atle Karlsrud, Business Consultant at Monitor.

“We used to use Excel to calculate our environmental impact. Now we can do these calculations in the ERP system, which will simplify our climate accounting and our everyday work,” adds Baas.

Nortex turns over approximately half a billion Norwegian kroner, with the majority of sales made to export markets in Asia and America. With 160 employees and seven international subsidiaries, Nortek has a global presence and serves research institutions, maritime and renewable industry worldwide.

“There’s a growing expectation that we’ll become more sustainable and be able to provide climate reporting. Sustainability by Monitor enables our employees to easily use the new functionality in a familiar user interface. This makes for a shallow learning curve, and the new sustainability module will be a pure bonus for us,” adds Baas.