Gränsfors Bruk now runs Monitor G5 – “The upgrade was seamless”

Gränsfors Bruk have now been satisfied G5 users for some weeks. The company has its roots in a machine park built in the early 1900s. The company has run Monitor G5 since early October, after upgrading from G4.

“The upgrade to G5 went seamlessly for Gränsfors. We went home on Friday, and three of us met up on Saturday together with a consultant from Monitor. We went over and converted the database, then on Monday Morning we were up and running once again,” recalls Christian Johansson, Site Manager at Gränsfors Bruk.

Gränsfors Bruk occupies a unique position on its market, and despite an order book which is always full, could potentially double its sales due to market demand. However, its production limits sales. However, this is the appeal of a Gränsfors axe; quality before quantity. And now Gränfors has opted to move over to Monitor G5, like the other companies in the group.

“Our cooperation with Monitor during the upgrade was really good. We had a dedicated consultant from Monitor who took responsibility for identifying internal expertise in finance, ordering and planning; all the areas which we work with here at the company,” says Johansson.

Manufacturing takes place with the help of large forging presses that were originally operating by hydro power. The presses process recycled Swedish steel. Work then takes place by hand, through rough and fine grinding followed by shafting.

Our cooperation with Monitor during the upgrade was really good.
Christian Johansson

The upgrade process started with a kickoff day before the holiday period, whereupon multiple Monitor consultants were involved to ensure the transition to the new system went according to plan. The feedback from Gränsfors was positive througout, and this continued after they went live.

“One of the main reasons we upgraded was that the interface is much more modern. This is a different way of working and reminiscent of a Windows environment. The report generator has also been improved – it’s simpler and more seamless. You can build your own reports. And document management is easier, with more scope to control and change documents. One of the biggest benefits is utilizing changes made by other companies that were previously unique to them, but are now standard in G5,” says Micke Scherdin, Business Developer.

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