Swedev used G5 to upgrade working methods

When the time came to upgrade its ERP system to Monitor G5, Swedev took the opportunity to review its process flows. Just what could be done better in the new system?

With production based in Munkfors, Värmland, Swedev manufactures doctor blades – a product that regulates the quantity of ink used in printing presses – by processing band steel. Some time ago it felt the time had come to take the next step in the company’s development, and they decided to upgrade Monitor ERP.

“Above all, we wanted to automate our operations and create better and more efficient process flows,” explains Joel Gustavsson, a production engineer at Swedev AB.

We chose the standard packaging flow in G5. This gave us a real boost, both in terms of working methods and how we use the processes in Monitor.”
Joel Gustavsson, Production Engineer at Swedev.

The first stage of the upgrade process was to question existing working methods. Could new approaches be found, or did everything have to stay exactly the same? Previously, in Monitor G4, Swedev had needed a system adaptation for its packing flow, but this wasn’t necessary in G5.

“We’d reached a crossroads where we had to choose either to create a new adaptation in G5, or simply adapt the way we work. This led to lots of useful discussions and dialog with Monitor, and as a result, we eventually chose the standard packing flow in G5. This gave us a real boost, both in terms of working methods and how we use the processes in Monitor,” he adds.

He underlines the importance good organization, as well as keeping track of data and its structures, before carrying out an upgrade.

“We’re happy with the upgrade, and because everything was in good order in G4 from the start, it all went smoothly.”

Swedev’s development work takes place in close contact with Monitor’s Support Center and consultants.

“We’re really pleased with this area, that is, having a good dialog and working with improvements to the ERP system, as well as our working methods,” Joel adds.

Facts: Swedev AB

Employees: 43

Turnover: Just over SEK 140 million

Manufactures: Printing doctor blades (by processing band steel)

Brand: Swedcut

Market: 98% outside Sweden

MI is a key factor for Swedev’s success

Machine integration (MI) is an integral part of Swedev’s operations. 

“MI is vital for us in order to do things the right way. Monitor has excellent planning functions, but when it comes to operations at the machine itself we have to know what to run and obtain the right reporting, with operation and material. Here, MI is key,” he adds. 

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