Monitor ERP System wins Factory Innovation Awards 2023

On April 19, the Factory Innovation Awards were presented at the Hannover Messe. Monitor ERP took first prize in “The Sustainable factory” category. The winner was chosen by an independent jury of experts. The decisive factors in the category were functions in the area of sustainability reporting and carbon dioxide emission calculation.

Monitor's Maria Sundin Flöjt, Project Manager in Business Development, gave a thank-you speech on the stage.

“We're extremely proud and honored to receive this award. It's a major quality check for us that we are focusing on the right functionality in our ERP System. Germany for us is a really tough market, with tough competition, so we're really happy about this," she said.

New directives place higher demands on companies sustainability reporting

Due to the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) and the new ESRS (Sustainability Reporting Standards), which will apply in the EU from 2026, companies need solutions in the area of tracking sustainability in production. ESRS recommends the reporting framework of GHG (Greenhouse Gas Protocol), which required reporting of emissions from the production of individual products as well as transportation and delivery.

Swedish company ERP System AB’s program, voted ERP system of the year in both Sweden and Germany, provides this through automatic calculation of manufactured parts’ climate impact based on the energy consumption of machines and the purchased material’s carbon dioxide values.

This information can be adjusted again and again, and can also be taken into account in part lists, in order to select the most environmentally friendly option for an order. Data from suppliers and logistics partners, for example, on emissions during transport can also be stored in the system or even synchronized automatically in some cases.

Also recognized by the jury was the high connectivity that Monitor’s software offers with existing machines and external business partners from the financial and logistics sector. There was also praise for the design of the program, which is intended as a standard ERP system without many configurations. This makes it possible to run regular updates without losing adaptations. And last but not least, the implementation of Monitor takes much less time than comparable ERP systems.

“I’m delighted to be part of Monitor’s journey in Germany. With my background in industrial operations and different ERP systems I have a good understanding of our customers’ requirements, and I’m convinced we can help many manufacturing companies in Germany to improve their activities and profitability with Monitor’s ERP system,” commented Tomas Blomberg, CEO of Monitor ERP System Germany.

Environment award creates more opportunities in export market

Receiving this award reinforces Monitor’s opportunities to establish itself in Germany and become the logical choice for manufacturing companies looking to future-proof their processes ahead of future challenges.

“Winning this award is a big opportunity for us and a seal of approval for the work we've done in recent years to develop new functions that help our customers to measure their climate impact and take active decisions on sustainability,” Blomberg added.

Monitor's development team have already started working on additional sustainability functionality which aims to help as many companies as possible meet future challenges.

"We believe winning this award shows us that we are on the right track. We are providing sustainability functionality to our customers that's easy to use, up to date with upcoming legislation, and that combines the core functionality in Monitor: to help our customers to be as effective as possible, and to make smart choices and win as much business as they can," explained Moa Lindberg, Business Analyst.