How to get Monitor ERP

Reinforce our extensive standard system with ready-to-use options and integrations.

Test drive or book a demo

We know everyone is different – some people want to try it themselves, others want us to visit them on site. Whatever you decide, we’ll make sure you feel comfortable about taking the next step. Contact us to book a demo or test drive, or let us know if you have any questions. 

You can also read more here to find out how Monitor works and the choices you can make to optimize your journey with us.

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How Monitor ERP works

A system for the whole company

When you buy Monitor ERP you’ll get all the basic functionality in our system.

These tools more than meet the needs of most manufacturing companies.

Extended functionality that meets your needs

Work even more efficiently with the right options

All manufacturing companies can use the standard functionality in Monitor ERP. But to keep our prices as competitive as possible we’ve isolated some more uncommon functions that we offer in the form of options for those who need them.

One example is the Product configurator, for companies whose products contain advanced structures with many configurable parts.

Or Machine integration (MI), for those with a high level of automation who want to maximize utilization of their machines.

Integration with other systems

Monitor ERP – a team player

Maybe your factory uses other systems, for example, to control your machines. Perhaps you use vertical storage lift systems to supply parts or equipment to the workshop. Or you may use laser cutting machines controlled by a nesting program.

These and other systems need to talk to your ERP system, to ensure you don't waste time on manual input. You can integrate Monitor ERP with a selection of other systems.

We’ll host Monitor for you

Monitor Cloud

We offer a separate cloud-based solution for running Monitor ERP, which we call Monitor Cloud. This is a scalable, secure and cost-efficient hosted-service which lets you grow at your own pace.

In practice, this means we handle the operation and update of Monitor on your behalf. You’ll benefit from having everything under one roof and can be sure all your data is saved through daily backups.

ERP on your terms

License types and payment plans

Once you've chosen Monitor ERP, there are some decisions to make. Naturally you’ll want the best price, without compromising on service and functionality. This is why we offer a range of user licenses and payment models.

We can tailor a model to suit your company’s specific requirements, so you don’t need to pay for anything you don't need.

Contact us for a demo so we can tell you more about our payment models, license types and prices.

Implement Monitor ERP

How a project works

When you purchase Monitor ERP you’ll gain access to our extensive expertise within enterprise resource planning and the manufacturing industry. Our consultants will guide you through the process with instruction and project management to ensure things run as smoothly as possible.

And since Monitor ERP is a standard system, implementation usually goes pretty quickly. We look at how you work, identify the best way to use Monitor ERP in your business, and train up your staff.

You’ll also have access to our online help and Monitor Academy e-learning platform, which can be really helpful during implementation and when questions arise day to day.

What’s the advantage of a standard system?

Unlike other programs, our ERP solution is a standard system. This means Monitor ERP is already optimized for any company that works with manufacturing. This makes it easier and more affordable to implement and maintain.

This is possible because we specialize in manufacturing. Whether you work in plastics, metal, electronics or any other industry you’ll find all the tools you need in Monitor.

Monitor ERP in your industry