Who are we at Monitor, and what do we do?

We’re a committed bunch with a passion for delivering world class quality and service to our customers. We work all over the world towards improving and streamlining the manufacturing industry through our product, Monitor ERP.

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There are lots roles and opportunities here at Monitor. We do everything in-house. This means our employees work with software development, sales, advanced customer support, business development and training our customers, among other things. Ever since the company started, our expansion has been strong. We are always interested to learn more about you. You are welcome to send us your application – please use the form below.



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Software Developer

Straits Quay, Penang
Ready to join our Core development team on a mission to revolutionize workflows and transform complex processes into user-friendly solutions? Explore how you can contribute to this exciting role!
Software Developer

Business Consultant

Selangor, Kuala Lumpur
If you are passionate about meeting new people and fostering strong customer relationships while participating in the full life-cycle of implementing ERP projects then we would like to meet you.
Business Consultant

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At Monitor we put much focus on the well-being of our staff. We want to create the best possible environment for our employees.
Daniel Häggmark, CEO, Monitor ERP System Southeast Asia

The backbone of Innovation

Meet our Core development team, a dynamic group dedicated to shaping the future of manufacturing through cutting-edge technology. Focused on developing Monitor ERP's core functionality, including automation testers, our team is on a mission to revolutionize workflows across diverse facets of manufacturing companies.

Our ultimate goal is to transform complex processes into smooth, user-friendly, and dependable software solutions, propelling our customers to new heights of growth and success.

Explore the exciting story behind the launch of our new development office in 2023. Learn more about the role of our core developers and see how you could fit in!

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Get to know us

Augustine Chow

Software Developer
"Monitor gives us time flexibility at work. They also provide us personal space to grow and freedom to voice out opinions."
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Lim Wan Ping

Senior Support Analyst
"Monitor provides a platform where every employee gets a chance to explore, perform and even participate in different areas and Monitor is not only a company it is like a home to us."
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Khairul Izzat

Business Consultant
"People here are kind and helpful. Every time we have a problem, there is always a team to back us up. Basically, you won't feel like you are working alone in Monitor."
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Lingeswaran Nathan

Country Manager
"What motivates me the most in Monitor Malaysia is the working culture, the excellent management, support and the technologies which Monitor carries that aligns with the industry revolution."
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Well Being


At Monitor, our employees' well-being is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to creating a supportive work environment that nurtures both physical and mental health. With a focus on promoting physical activity and fostering team spirit, we believe in maintaining a sober and drug-free workplace where everyone can thrive.
Monitor Spirit

The Monitor Spirit

Guided by our core philosophy: "Forward-thinking – Down-to-earth – Committed", we pursue shared goals and foster continuous growth together, with customers as our compass. Our commitment lies in doing what's right at the right moment. Open communication and camaraderie define our work environment. We strive to creating a dynamic and high-performance workplace that empowers every individual, ensuring our employees' well-being and personal growth remain at the heart of our organization.
Personal Development

Personal growth

Unleash your fullest potential with us. Your growth and development are in your hands, and we are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. Your success fuels our progress. Engage in annual personal development discussions, where you can collaboratively set and review targets to nurture your continuous progression.