Who are we at Monitor, and what do we do?

We’re a committed bunch with a passion for delivering world class quality and service to our customers. We work all over the world towards improving and streamlining the manufacturing industry through our very own product, Monitor ERP. In Sweden, we’re a market leader in our segment.

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There are lots roles and opportunities here at Monitor. We do everything in-house. This means our employees work with software development, sales, advanced customer support, business development and training our customers, among other things.

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Why Monitor ERP?

We are a secure and stable employer constantly striving to be an attractive employer and promote an inclusive environment. With over 300 employees in Sweden and a strong drive for success, we are poised to continue our growth. We continue to explore new markets, and worldwide we are close to 500 employees.

Staff Malaysia and Sweden

Get to know us

David Runefelt, who helps our customers reduce their climate impact

David focuses on helping our customers to measure, evaluate, and strategically reduce their environmental impact with our Sustainability by Monitor functionality.
David Runefelt

Developing in development

Kenneth and Thomas, software developers
Two of Monitor’s most experienced employees look back on a working life in development.
Kenneth and Thomas

From Istanbul to Hudiksvall

Hazal, Support Analyst
Hazal Kilic explains why her job as a support analyst at Monitor is like no other support position.
Hazal Kilic

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