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Measure your products' climate footprint with Monitor ERP

Sustainability by Monitor

In 2026, all small and mid-sized enterprises in the EU will be required to file sustainability reports according to the EU's CSRD directive and ESRS standard. Our Sustainability by Monitor functionality helps you to measure your carbon footprint, evaluate the data and adopt strategic measures to cut emissions and consumption of resources.

Why use Sustainability by Monitor?

✔ Calculate carbon footprint
✔ Adopt strategic measures
✔ Compatible with the ESRS
✔ Included in Monitor ERP as standard

Are you prepared for the CSRD directive?

Create sustainability calculations with Monitor ERP

Monitor ERP’s functionality enables you to perform sustainability calculations and measure the climate impact of your manufacturing activities, making it easier to comply with the EU’s CSRD directive and ESRS standard. The function makes it possible to simply and carefully measure the impact of your operations, and thereby work towards more sustainable and responsible production.

Meet the sustainability requirements with Monitor ERP

The new EU directive, CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive), means that even small and medium-sized companies will have to prepare sustainability reports according to the new reporting standard, ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting standards), as of 2026.

To make it easier for you to comply with the new directives, we have developed Sustainability by Monitor. By adding to the data which is already included in the ERP system with information on energy consumption and carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e), Monitor ERP can calculate your climate impact at component level and help you to plan your emissions at company level (according to Scope 1, 2 and 3). This means you can easily monitor and report your environmental impact and make active sustainable decisions for your business. 

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Beräkna ditt klimatavtryck med Sustainability by Monitor ERP i ditt affärssystem

We used to use Excel to calculate our environmental impact. Now we do this in the ERP system, which makes our climate reporting and everyday work easier.
Therese Baas, head of quality and sustainability at Nortek
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Sustainability by Monitor simplifies reporting for Nortek

“Monitor ERP’s Sustainability by Monitor functionality simplifies our climate reporting and makes our everyday work easier,” explains Therese Baas, head of quality and sustainability at the Norwegian company Nortek.

Headquartered at Rud, in Bærum, Nortek is known as one of the leading manufacturers of oceanographic instruments for wave and current measurement, as well as systems for underwater navigation. As a company operating close to the sea, they are naturally committed to promoting sustainability and reducing their climate impact.

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Monitor ERP wins award for sustainability in Germany

The sustainable factory

On April 19, the Factory Innovation Awards were presented at the Hannover Messe. Monitor ERP took first prize in “The Sustainable factory” category. The winner was chosen by an independent jury of experts. The decisive factors in the award category were Monitor’s prominent functions in the field of sustainability reporting and carbon dioxide emission calculation.

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Calculate your carbon footprint with Sustainability by Monitor ERP system

Sustainability by Monitor helps HSP Gripen cut its carbon dioxide emissions

To reduce its carbon dioxide emissions, the Sustainability by Monitor function is the obvious choice for HSP Gripen, a company that specializes in the development and manufacture of hydraulic gripping equipment for material handling.

"I heard about Sustainability by Monitor for the first time during Monitor's User Seminar in August and became interested," explained Tomas Jonsson, CEO and Marketing Manager at HSP Gripen.

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Meet one of the developers behind Sustainability by Monitor

At Monitor ERP System, we take sustainability seriously and have taken significant steps to meet the demands of sustainability and environmental awareness. With Sustainability by Monitor, we are taking a big step forward. By using Sustainability by Monitor, our customers will be able to measure their environmental impact, evaluate it and take strategic measures to reduce emissions and consumption of resources. After a year of work, it is now an integral part of our ERP system, with Fredrik Tåneland as one of the developers involved.

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Frequently asked questions on Sustainability by Monitor

When will Sustainability by Monitor be launched?

Sustainability by Monitor was launched in conjunction with our user seminar on August 31, 2023.

How much does Sustainability by Monitor cost?

Sustainability by Monitor will be included in our standard system and is completely free of charge for our customers. For those who want help getting started, our consultants offer training tailored to your needs.

Is Sustainability by Monitor compatible with the EU's new ESRS standards?

Yes, in Monitor ERP you can measure the environmental parameters recommended according to ESRS.

Is it possible to use Sustainability by Monitor if my company use Monitor G4?

No, to use Sustainability by Monitor you need to have upgraded to Monitor G5.