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What help can I get from Monitor Support?

Before you start using MONITOR, one of our consultants will visit you and go through the system. The consultant also helps you to use MONITOR in the best possible way according to your line of business. When the program is up and running, our support technicians offer you first class support. We enjoy answering your questions and helping you with your problems. We want you to feel safe using our ERP system for many years to come.

Here you can read our support agreement.

Who are working at the Support Center?

The staff working here has vast experience in manufacturing industry, finance, and logistics. This way we can offer you the best possible support. Many of our support members are previous customers who have used MONITOR for several years before starting to work here. This means that we have a vast knowledge of both different industries and of the system itself.

Most of us work at the head office in Hudiksvall, in close cooperation with our Development department. Since Monitor is expanding and has customers in many parts of the world, we also offer support at our sales offices in Poland and Malaysia. We are proud to be a multilingual team and we offer support in Swedish, English, Finnish, Polish, Lithuanian, Russian, Latvian, Malay, and Chinese.

Our Support Center is divided into three departments which are responsible for different areas.

  • Team Manufacturing and Logistics helps you with questions regarding manufacturing, stock, purchase, and sales.
  • Team Finance helps you with questions regarding finance and accounting.
  • Tech Support helps you with all technical questions.

We enjoy answering your questions and helping you with your problems. You are very welcome to contact us with your questions!

How and when can I contact the Support Center?

Our skilled support technicians offer you first class support. You are welcome to contact us workdays 06:00 – 17:00 (CET). Our English speaking support technicians are often available from 02:00 (CET) on most workdays.

Useful tips:

Please remember that you can find answers to most questions in the help function in MONITOR.

  • When calling us, please have your company ID ready. This will simplify the registration considerably.
  • Specify the affected procedure. The more information and details you give, the faster we will be able to help you.
  • When sending emails to us, please attach screenshots related to your question.
  • If you have several separate questions, please send them one by one.
How long is the processing time?

We aim to answer your case within 24 hours (one workday), to solve 75% of the cases within two workdays, and 95% of the cases within a workweek.

What does extended support and training mean?

If the case is not included in the support agreement, we offer extended support or training.

  • Training is carried out by our consultants as a part of the implementation project. After the initial training, you can also book further training sessions with our consultants and support technicians.
  • Help during installation and update can be purchased directly from our Support Center. We are used to installing MONITOR in different environments. The updating service is made via Internet and is available daytime, weekdays between 06.00 – 17.00 (CET). However, the service can also be booked evenings and weekends if needed.
  • Our consultants can help you to apply MONITOR in the best possible way. MONITOR can be used in different ways depending on your business. Please send these types of questions to your consultant.

Here you can read our support agreement.

Please send an email to [email protected] if you have any questions.

Can I schedule an appointment with one of your support technicians?

Regardless of if you are newly employed or if you have used MONITOR for a long time, a personal distance training is a good way of learning more about the functions in the system. You are very welcome to book one hour or more of customized training with one of our support technicians. We will then guide you in how to use the system in the best possible way based on your situation and business. Before the actual training session takes place, you can write down some issues that you want to learn more about and we will go over them together.

Book here.

What is the required computer and network equipment to run MONITOR?

The computer performance develops faster than the performance need increases in MONITOR. The specification of the computer equipment entered below is a recommendation based on the prerequisites and experiences we have as of autumn 2017, and remains until other is stated.

The demands on the hardware are determined by the number of users in MONITOR as well as the size of the database. Small installations can be installed on a Small Business Server or on another existing server as long as the available resources are sufficient regarding main memory and hard drive space. For large installations, we recommend that MONITOR database server in installed in a separate Windows server. This can either be physical or virtual server. The MONITOR database server shall be adapted as a traditional SQL server. This requires a substantial amount of main memory, fast redundant drives, and a fast CPU.

Please consult with your IT supplier/installer and our technique support before purchasing your equipment.

For detailed system recommendations regarding MONITOR ERP system, please click here.

How does GDPR work?

We have received some questions from our customers regarding GDPR and the product MONITOR. We have come to the conclusion that we don't have to make any changes since GDPR mainly is based on internal procedures and documentation. 

The purpose of GDPR is to increase the protection of personal data. The company/person saving information is therefore required to know where it will be stored, where it will be used, and for how long it will be saved.

We have made the assessment that no personal data processing agreement is necessary between Monitor ERP System AB and our customers in order to meet the General Data Protection Regulation.
Monitor ERP System as a software supplier does not collect and process any personal data on behalf of the customer. Our personnel (support staff/consultants) who participate in training sessions/investigations using the customers' systems do this under authority of the data collectors. That is why we invoke section 29 in General Data Protection Regulation (that admit handling of personal data under authority of persons responsible for personal data or legal representatives, without needing a personal data processing agreement).

When databases are uploaded to us, the customer must ensure that the database has been anonymized. The anonymization is made via a tool provided by Monitor ERP System AB.

As of May 25, 2018, Monitor ERP System AB will no longer receive/store/handle databases including personal data.

How GDPR is interpreted is up to our customers.
We, as a supplier, cannot provide any general recommendations or advice in the matter.

Here you can read more about how to prepare your company for GDPR.

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Simplify your work by learning more about the available functions in MONITOR.

Our consultants help you to use MONITOR in the best possible way and guide you in how to improve your processes. Our support technicians perform training sessions and help you with general questions about MONITOR.

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Our support technicians are ready to answer your questions via phone or email.

The Support Center is open workdays from 06:00 to 17:00 (CET), except for Swedish holidays and the Friday after Ascension Day.

Phone number to us from different countries:

Sweden: +46 650 766 03
Poland: +48 22 300 31 42
Finland: +358 7 532 529 43
Malaysia: +60 437 178 13
China: +86 400 611 5016
Lithuania: +37 052 140 257
Estonia: +37 288 042 09
Germany: +49 40 874 062 72

Send email to:
[email protected]

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