Monitor ERP is a complete ERP system for all areas of the manufacturing industry


Get a better overview of products, smart production planning, traceability, keep track of tools and machines, and much more.
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Deliver on time, honor your commitments and plan production in the best way possible with key calculations and BOM and routing, ensure traceability, record time seamlessly and track completed work – from purchase to delivery.
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Electronics industry

Plan materials effectively, automate your invoice flow and ensure detailed traceability throughout the process.
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Furniture and interiors

Keep projects together and get a better overview of work, handle multiple units, work effectively with purchase, simplify order processes, EDI, and keep track of tools and maintenance.
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Manage different types of materials and products in large projects. Hold your project together and gain a better overview. Integrate CAD programs and generate quotes and orders in record time.
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Deliver on time, schedule capacity and effectively plan maintenance of your machines. Short lead times and quick changes – plan effectively with our popular EDI solution.
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Houses, ships and boats

Work with large, complex projects? Quickly generate quotes and orders with multiple alternatives using our Product configurator.
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Manage traceability, best-before dates, labeling, cleaning, and maintenance, with excellent delivery reliability. Plan effectively with our popular EDI solution, which communicates with your customers’ and subcontractors’ ERP system.
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Surface treatment

Keep track of your solvents and other materials, and follow up quality. Get help with purchase, stock and delivery.
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Textiles and clothing

Streamline and digitalize your full invoice flow and save valuable time and resources. Connect to our webshop and get up-to-date stock balances when placing orders. All orders are handled directly in Monitor ERP.
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Can’t find your industry in the list?

We’ve put together information for those with manufacturing companies that work in industries not included on the list.

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