Monitor ERP is a standard system which rarely needs to be adapted – but we can provide adaptations if required

Looking for a unique solution?

Our adaptation team can create unique solutions that enable you to achieve exactly what you want in the system. Here are a selection of the most common adaptations.

Web Big Web

Web reporting

Here you can report purchase orders, customer orders and manufacturing orders online, directly from a hand-held computer. You can also perform stock counts, change locations and make stock withdrawals.
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During the installation process, we can help with data conversion. We can also add further information subsequently as required, perform mass updates or merge/split databases for multiple companies.
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Customized reports

You can order everything from unique labels to advanced reports in order to compile key performance indicators from different parts of the system.
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Special import/Export

For example, BOM and routings from CAD systems, financial data to external systems or the governing group system.
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Link to machines

We can help you connect to machines in different ways in order to receive the information you need in Monitor ERP.
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Business intelligence

We can create unique dashboards and views for the display of key performance indicators for current sales, production or delivery, both externally and internally.
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Database adaptations

Here you can save customer specific information, etc.
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Document adjustments

Document adjustments can be made according to your needs.

Frequently ssked Questions

How do we work together with you?

You will first be contacted by one of our Advisors who will make an initial assessment of your case. The next step is usually to schedule a specification meeting with you, or if the case is minor, to send you a quote for review.

We strive for close contact with you as a customer to ensure that the delivery meets your requirements.

Our partners

We have a number of partners, ranging from consultants providing training on our program to hosting and specialist solutions within the ERP system. In addition to our own consultants we work closely with external companies such as AB, ARK AB, Weland and Amberklips.

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