Our partners

We have a number of partners, ranging from consultants providing training on our program to hosting and specialist solutions within the ERP system.

Our partners

Monitor has several partners, from consultants providing training to hosting and special solutions in the ERP system. Besides our own consultants, we work closely with external consulting companies such as Netred AB and ARK AB regarding training and consulting services in Monitor ERP. 

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About Netred

Netred AB is a leading full-service provider of IT solutions

Netred has been building top-class adaptations for Monitor for over 25 years – everything from other systems, e-commerce, configurators, reports, documents for mergers and division of companies, and conversions and upgrades to G5. Netred can also help with training within specific areas, primarily EDI.

You can outsource your IT environment and Monitor ERP system with Netred. They provide redundancy for all hardware, internet and power supply. Backup and antivirus are included on Netred’s servers. All data is stored in Sweden. They can also help with Office365, user support and other IT services.

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About ARK

Tidaholm based ARK AB helps small and mid-sized enterprises with all aspects of bookkeeping and payroll outsourcing, so its customers can focus on their core business.

ARK AB has been a Monitor partner since 2005. ARK provides customized training in every area of Monitor ERP, focusing mainly on the accounting and time recording modules.

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Partners and integrations

We also have partnerships for special system solutions. Weland and Amberklips are two partners with whom we’ve developed integration between Monitor ERP and their own solutions.  

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About Amberklips

Work smarter and get a better overview of what’s happening on the factory floor.

Amberklips is a KPI insight program providing close to real-time data for manufacturing companies. It retrieves data from your ERP system and presents it in an accessible way for your employees and decision makers. The integration between Amberklips and Monitor ERP is ready to use – just plug in and run.

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About Weland

Long-standing partnership in warehouse management

Manufactures vertical storage lift systems, among other things, that operate in real time, integrated with Monitor ERP. The vertical storage lift systems are adapted to different physical environments and fulfill key warehouse management functions such as distribution/picking stock, finished goods inventory, consumables and component storage.

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