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On April 19, Monitor ERP win first prize in “The Sustainable factory” category at the Factory Innovation Awards in Hannover, Germany. The winner was chosen by an independent jury of experts. The decisive factors in the award category were Monitor’s prominent functions in the field of sustainability reporting and carbon dioxide emission calculation - All in accordance with the EU’s CSRD directive and ESRS standard. The functions allow you to easily and accurately measure the environmental impact of your business.

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Monitor ERP System

A complete system for your manufacturing company with integrated business intelligence. MONITOR provides you with control over your entire business. The system consists of several different modules that together cover all activities of a modern manufacturing company.


Manufacturing Module

This is the core of MONITOR. The system is optimized for manufacturing and production planning. Here you can create BOM and routing, perform important calculations, and register manufacturing orders that will generate profit.

Purchase Module

This module contains support for the entire purchase process, from inquiry to accounts payable. Here you can register suppliers, use SRM, create inquiries and purchase orders, perform arrival reporting, create transport labels, and perform receiving inspections to make sure everything is correct.

Sales Module

This module contains all procedures for the sale of goods and services. Here you'll find procedures for customer management, prospective customers, CRM, quotes, customer orders, deliveries, invoicing, statistics and follow-up, accounts receivable, and cash flow forecasts.

Stock Module

Here you'll find effective and reliable requirements planning. You can see what’s in stock, and what it's worth. This module also provides top quality tractability. Case management and different stock calculations are also found here.

Time Recording Module

Here you'll find functions for attendance and work recording, basis for salaries, and functions for detail planning, schedules, etc.

Accounting Module

In this module you can manage your company’s current accounting. Here you'll find functions for handling accounts, automatic posting/allocation, current recording of transactions, reports and follow-up, as well as change of period/year. You'll also find project accounting in this module.

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The ERP system for manufacturing companies

What are the pain points SME manufacturers are facing today? 

Harith Iskander, Malaysian actor and comedian, explains why an ERP and how an ERP system play a role in helping you become more efficient and take control over your manufacturing business.

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Meet global challenges with Monitor

Want to emerge strongly from the recession and gain market share? 

If you can optimize your business now you’ll come out the other side in a far stronger position. It’s not just about making savings and cutting back.

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The key to a successful G5 upgrade

With new models in production and new factories under construction, Koenigsegg needed a new ERP system. This is the story of the upgrade to MONITOR G5 – and why it was such a success.

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We combined our heritage and technology, touches key points such as values, people, skills, and knowledge, to send all our customers, business partners, and every point of contact, a powerful message of support and passion for what we do in our everyday business.

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Why you need ERP

Lee has just started up his manufacturing company and begun to produce his very first product. The company is growing fast, and Lee soon realizes that growth comes with a certain amount of pain. But everything changes when Lee stumbles upon a sales representative from a company called Monitor ERP System...

Watch the video or learn more in the e-Guide as Lee unveils his secrets to overcoming all these issues and more. 

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Monitor Academy

With our e-learning platform, Monitor Academy, you get access to a lot of instructive courses for MONITOR G5.

Our experts share their in-depth knowledge in a constantly expanding set of videos.

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