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Monitor Academy provides a wide range of useful courses for MONITOR G5. Every member of the implementation project can learn the basics of G5 – whenever they want and on the device that suits them best – free of charge during the project. This means they'll have a higher level of knowledge when our consultants come by to go through your company specific applications, which makes for a more efficient project.

In addition to basic courses, there are also a number of in-depth programs. For those who have already implemented MONITOR G5, access to Monitor Academy can be purchased at a low cost.

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"Monitor Academy has helped us to get our users up and running in a fast and efficient way, both within MONITOR and in their work, as it gives you a good sense of how the system works, with its processes and procedures."

"The courses have just the right tempo, and are easy to understand and well designed, so you can easily take in all the information."

Manuel Berglund, ERP Manager, Koenigsegg Automotive AB

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"There is a lot to gain from going through the courses. First and foremost, to gain a full overview of what you can do in MONITOR G5, but also to get a different understanding of how to actually organize your work and methods in different areas."

"It is very important to set aside time, especially for the project group, to gain an understanding of how the system is structured and what opportunities are available in G5."

Joakim Johansson, Project Manager, FX Airguns AB


Learn G5 with Academy



Academy is natural part of how you learn MONITOR G5 during an implementation project. It serves as a foundation and a complement to our talented consultants.

New employees

Let new employees learn G5 with Academy! It's an excellent way to let new users learn how to use the system.

Extend your expertise

In addition to basic courses, there are also in-depth courses in various subjects, such as Warehouse and Product configurator.

Knowledge development

Learn about system functionality you may not yet have begun to use. Academy provides an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of G5.

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Take a look at an Academy course

For a preview of a Monitor Academy course, take a look here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are all the videos not available on the internet, free for everyone to watch?

By keeping the content within Academy, we can package several videos in one course to ensure they are held together. In addition, we can include questions that have to be answered to show you have understood the contents of the course.

To access Academy you must log in with a personal account, which enables courses to be followed-up and personally assigned.

None of this would be possible if the videos had been on hosted on Vimeo or Youtube, for example.

We have been using Academy during implementation. What do we get if we purchase continued access?

You will gain access to all courses, as well as to new courses as they become available.

Would we be able to use Academy for introductory training for our new employees?

Absolutely. There are several basic courses that are very suitable for new users, who need to learn the basics of MONITOR G5. There is a general basic course as well as a basic course for each module.

Do you get some kind of proof of knowledge after finishing the courses?

When you have completed the general basic course, you'll have a certificate sent to your email as proof that you have passed the course.

What courses are available within Academy?

These are some of the courses that are available, and more are added all the time.

  • Basics in G5 (general functionality)
  • Basic course in Manufacturing module
  • Basic course in Purchase module
  • Basic course in Sales module
  • Basics in Project accounting
  • Deliver on time
  • Product configurator
  • Pool planning
  • Coordinated processing
  • Warehouse Management
  • Report arrival
  • Direct stock reporting (Simple/Detailed)
  • Subcontract
  • Stock count
  • Agent
  • Lot sizing rule: Linked requirement vs Lot-for-lot
  • Narrow search in Monitor search
  • User rights
  • "3 tips in 3 minutes"
  • Edit documents

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