A successful collaboration – Monitor visits Egholm A/S

Implementing a new ERP system is a significant undertaking, especially when faced with the limitations of an outdated ERP system. Egholm A/S recognized the need for new opportunities and chose Monitor ERP. Thanks to a super-committed, pragmatic, and independent project team, Egholm reached the finish line with a successful project, reaping the benefits even a year later. Today, Monitor ERP provides invaluable insights into the company's processes, while the Product configurator has been a great help in creating customer-specific orders.

Monitor recently visited one of our customers in Lemvig, Denmark, to gain deeper insights into their daily operations with Monitor ERP, approximately a year after the system went live. In addition, we explored the value the system adds in relation to the integrated Product configurator, and how the new Sustainability by Monitor functionality creates future opportunities for the company. We had the pleasure of interviewing both Jens Christian Egholm, CEO, and Tina Nygaard Olesen, main planner, at Egholm A/S.

Egholm A/S is a family-owned company with two brothers, who help to create the framework for a good workplace with high quality, innovation, and satisfied customers in focus. The company develops and produces tool carriers that keep roads, parks, and outdoor areas clean. Something that is particularly important for the company is to do things properly and be proud of the things they do - regardless of whether an employee needs to be hired or products produced. Egholm machines always deliver perfect results and are an ideal business partner within the industry.

It meant a lot to me, I think, the fact that it was a standard system and we didn't have to order a lot of corrections, we had that in our old system, and we were drowning in that.
Jens Christian Egholm, CEO at Egholm A/S

Egholm faced an ERP change, as they were left with an old ERP system where inexplicable errors began to occur. In particular, Egholm's owner, Jens Christian Egholm, wanted a more standard system that could solve everyday challenges and provide a better overview without having to spend money on extra adjustments.

Jens Christian Egholm, CEO at Egholm A/S, emphasized the significance of having a standard system that minimized the need for adjustments, contrasting it with their previous system where they were overwhelmed by such requests.

This project was ideal for Monitor, and our skilled consultant, Frank Madsen was put on task. Frank describes the project as slightly more extensive than the typical Monitor customer, but as always, Monitor is committed to delivering on our promises within the agreed time and price. This is also one of the factors that Jens Christian highlighted.

"We emphasized that Monitor assured us they could solve the issue, complete the project by a certain date, and provided a cost estimate," explains Jens Christian Egholm from Egholm A/S.

The project was a success, and Frank Madsen also emphasizes the importance of Egholm assembling a very strong and committed team, who were both pragmatic, ready for change, and extremely skilled professionally.

Product configurator for customer-specific orders

Egholm uses Monitor's Product configurator when they need to tailor their customer orders to match their customers' preferences for how they want their machines built. Tina Nygaard Olesen also explains the importance of this function for their particular type of company.

"It is super important for us to be able to use this configurator, because it is something we have to use every time we make a customer-specific machine," emphasizes Tina Nygaard Olesen, chief planner at Egholm A/S.

Frank Madsen also emphasizes that the Product configurator was something that was not in Egholm's previous ERP system, which instead handled a large number of variants of the finished machines. This led to extensive maintenance work whenever a component needed to be changed. Tina also highlighted how this integration adds value by ensuring connectivity throughout the entire process, from start to finish.

"It's definitely advantageous that everything is interconnected right from the start, allowing us to precisely determine the final appearance of the machine," explains Tina Nygaard Olesen, chief planner at Egholm A/S.

Sustainability by Monitor

Last year, Monitor released a new functionality, Sustainability by Monitor, which aims to help companies measure their environmental impact, evaluate results, and take strategic actions. Jens Christian from Egholm emphasizes the growing significance of sustainability and the importance of a feature that can measure the climate footprint of their products.

"We have begun inputting data into Monitor, so that module is also becoming available and contributing," says Jens Christian Egholm, CEO at Egholm A/S.

As Egholm's customers increasingly demand climate footprints, meeting this demand becomes essential. Monitor's new function can be a great asset in addressing this need.

Monitor Academy simplifies implementation

When implementing a new ERP system, it's crucial to ensure that everyone has a solid understanding of how the system works. While receiving excellent guidance and training from Monitor's skilled consultants is essential, another vital component for effective training is our Monitor Academy. The Monitor Academy serves as our dedicated e-learning platform, providing an ideal environment to delve deeper into Monitor ERP. Tina also stresses the values they felt, having been well equipped through the training provided by the Monitor Academy.

"We felt quite well-equipped based on the training we had received at the Monitor Academy," explains Tina Nygaard Olesen.

Addition, Tina notes that the transition from their old ERP system to Monitor ERP also went smoothly, thanks to the ongoing training and support they received throughout the process.

"The implementation of Monitor went smoothly; we had a seamless transition from our old ERP system to Monitor," emphasizes Tina.

An ERP system for production

At Monitor, we are proud to offer a system dedicated to supporting production processes. We understand the importance of having a standard system that is tailored to meet the production needs of companies. Tina Nygaard Olesen shares our perspectives and opted for Monitor because of our clear focus on production structure.

"The primary reason we selected Monitor is because it's unequivocally tailored to production. This was a significant factor for us, and it's evident in our daily usage," explains Tina Nygaard Olesen, chief planner at Egholm A/S.

It's a well-known truth that customer satisfaction is a decisive indicator of success. Therefore, we reached out to Egholm A/S to gather their thoughts on Monitor. Tina Nygaard Olesen was quick to emphasize that she would certainly recommend Monitor to other production companies.

"I would definitely recommend Monitor to others, especially production companies; it just works really well on the production side," emphasizes Tina Nygaard Olesen.