A valuable partnership – Monitor visits Hosta Industries

The implementation of a new ERP system is a significant project, but thanks to the strong commitment of all parties involved, Hosta Industries achieved a successful project that still creates great value today. Hosta Industries needed an ERP system that could provide them with a standard platform that also solved some of the everyday challenges in the company. The choice fell on Monitor and since then a valuable partnership has emerged.

Monitor drove out to visit a customer in North Jutland to get a better insight into their daily operations and learn even more about how the ERP system adds value. It has already been over two years since Hosta Industries implemented Monitor ERP, and the system is fully integrated into the company. We had the pleasure of interviewing both Christian Mosevang, CEO and Simon Kjelgaard Erlandsen, CFO at Hosta Industries. This gave a deep insight into how they with Monitor and especially also the exciting function, Sustainability by Monitor.

Hosta Industries was established back in 1973 by Orla Mosevang and has since developed into a leading supplier to the metal industry in Denmark and abroad. Hosta Industries is a total supplier within high-quality steel processing, where they combine their 50 years of experience with the latest know-how and technology. This ensures their customers an eminent service and an extremely competent and attractive partner.

Hosta was facing an ERP change and wanted a more standard system that could solve everyday problems and challenges. This was an ideal project for Monitor, and our skilled consultant Jørgen Callisen was put on the task as he first met Hosta Industries way back in 1996. Christian Mosevang is also very satisfied with the system.

"About 98% of the challenges we face in daily life are solved by Monitor," says Christian Mosevang, CEO at Hosta Industries.

Jørgen Callisen also expresses great satisfaction with the collaboration, and mentions, among other things, that Hosta Industries is a perfect match for Monitor.

Sustainability by Monitor

In 2023, Monitor released the function, Sustainability by Monitor, which aims to help companies measure their environmental impact, evaluate the results and take strategic measures. Simon from Hosta emphasizes the importance of this function in the ERP system.

"We have been introduced to the new Sustainability by Monitor and we are working actively with it, we have started reporting on the CO2 footprint at product level to our customers," explains Simon Kjelgaard Erlandsen, CFO at Hosta Industries. "The Monitor ERP system is a huge help there".

Hosta Industries has made an extra effort with the implementation of measurement and reporting of CO2 emissions for all their products. This creates transparency in their value chain and gives their customers a precise understanding of their environmental footprint. The environment and working environment are important focus areas for Hosta, and they are conscious of thinking about the future.

"I believe that this is the future and it is an important point in relation to running a production business going forward," explains Simon Kjelgaard Erlandsen, CFO at Hosta Industries.

Monitor's consultant Jørgen Callisen also expresses how he feels that Hosta is a company that is constantly developing and wants to be at the forefront.

"Hosta Industries is a company that is constantly developing and that likes to be first. We see this e.g. in that they already work with full sustainability functionality," explains Jørgen Callisen.

Easy implementation with Monitor

When a new ERP system is to be implemented, it is important that it takes place at the customer's pace so that the process does not become too overwhelming. Christian from Hosta emphasizes the importance that there was no rush and that it was at their pace. This led to a highly successful implementation.

"The actual implementation of Monitor has worked well and we have had good cooperation with the consultant," says Christian Mosevang, CEO at Hosta Industries.

In addition to a good collaboration with Monitor's consultant Jørgen, one of the essential points for a good training of the system was our Monitor Academy. Monitor Academy is our own e-learning platform and the ideal place to dive deeper into Monitor ERP. This made it possible for new users at Hosta to be introduced to the system more easily without them having to use extra resources.

"It has been easy to understand and it has been easy to introduce new users to it and we have also been able to introduce new users to it, e.g. via Academy," explains Christian Mosevang, CEO at Hosta Industries.

A complete solution

Currently, around 5,500 companies globally are optimizing their operations using Monitor. One of the primary advantages of the system is its completely standardized nature, ensuring that customers get a solution that covers all their business needs from production to administration. This also means that there is no need to spend time or money on adaptations or special solutions. Simon from Hosta also sees this as a clear advantage.

"I have never before experienced such a good ERP system that is put together in such a way that you don't need to have several different components connected to your ERP system to get the overall impression of your company," expresses Simon Kjelgaard Erlandsen, CFO at Hosta Industries.

A recommendable ERP system

Customer satisfaction is one of the decisive indicators of success is a well-known truth. That's why we decided to ask Hosta Industries for their opinion on Monitor. Simon Erlandsen was quick to emphasize that he would fully recommend Monitor to other manufacturing companies facing similar challenges and requirements as them.

"I would definitely recommend Monitor to other production companies that have similar productions to us. It's a great tool," says Simon Kjelgaard Erlandsen, CFO at Hosta Industries.