Kooka Paper successfully goes live with Monitor G5 in three weeks

July 8 marked the successful implementation of Monitor ERP system within three weeks at Kooka Paper Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.

Mark Len, Monitor Business Consultant and Kooka Project Leader, also commented, “Most of the implementation projects are completed within three- to nine-month timeframe. The most important prerequisite in a project is the customer involvement and commitment from the top management. Kooka has been very supportive and enthusiastic from all levels within the company. Everyone is eager to improve their operations and processes to move forward to a better position.”

Kooka Group of Companies is one of the pioneers in tissue paper products distribution since 1990. With its expansion, Kooka Paper Manufacturing was incorporated in 1996 with its own converting plant producing and supplying a wide range of disposable paper serviettes, napkins, bathroom tissues, and jumbo roll tissues. Today, the company’s products have reached the shores of many continents across the world.

Kooka Paper has successfully implemented their new ERP system across the business before the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) phase ends, in order to increase the capacity of their daily operations as they realized that their existing system could not cope with the challenges posed by the pandemic.

The pandemic has caused a slowdown in the production floor which triggered Kooka to carry out this change in these challenging times. Implementation and meetings were carried out during RMCO as Kooka is determined for the Monitor G5 implementation to happen. The team has fully utilized the time by planning into the project and setting aside resources to work together with Monitor in making the implementation a success.

Chew Hong Yuen, IT Manager and Project Leader of ERP Project, explained that their current system is dispersed as they are running on two systems from different vendors: “With a fully integrated Monitor ERP system, I hope that I can unify the divisions into one single version of truth, eliminating crossover, with information available at our fingertips. For instance, we will be alerted when our raw materials have arrived as previously we had to pull information from various departments, the salesperson had to go to the planner when our customers inquire about the delivery status. This is the right time for us to implement an ERP system due to the stagnation of our workload during the MCO period.”

Anders Ryberg, Consultant Director of Monitor ERP System Asia, anticipated that the main challenge facing Kooka Paper was the resources. However, the management and its staff have clearly demonstrated their commitment in allocating resources to cope with the data migration that is needed in making sure the system was ready go live in three weeks. They have shown their willingness to invest in this project.

Stay tuned for behind-the-scenes video to witness how Kooka successfully implemented this project within three weeks.