First Malaysian customer grows stronger with G5

Prestige Dynamics Industries Sdn. Bhd. (PDI) has over three decades of experience in precision injection moulding. They have a 10,000 square meter manufacturing plant in Penang, Malaysia with approximately 350 employees. Their excellent performance in quality, delivery and services have spurred rapid growth and expansion of capacity to cater to new demand over the years.

PDI has been using Monitor ERP since 2013. Being our first customer in Malaysia, we appreciate the trust given to us back when we had no local presence. It would not be too far-fetched to say that Monitor ERP Asia would not be what it is today if not for PDI.

It was their belief in us and our ERP system that led PDI to sign a contract with us, despite not having an office, staff and references. Our relationship started out with quite a bit of challenges from a system perspective. After all, trying to adapt a Swedish based ERP system to match the needs of the Malaysian ecosystem was not easy without a proper country package.

However, under the leadership of PDI’s founder, Mr. Tan Wee Ming and his son Travis, it all turned out well. Due to the patience and support given to us, we were able to solve most of the issues and eventually went live in 2013.

“We were using an old legacy database system to run company operations prior Monitor. The legacy system was manual and also prone to errors. Furthermore, new or future operating systems were not compatible with the database system.

As we were benchmarking for MRPs, Monitor stood out as an all-in-one ERP whereas the rest needed additional supporting software or customizations. With MONITOR ERP, we can incorporate all business processes relating to MRP in a single platform.” Tan Wee Ming, Chairman.

The story does not end there, Mr. Tan being the chairman of Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association (MPMA) northern branch at the time was very supportive and helpful in recommending Monitor ERP to its members.

Travis was also very active in MPMA and had been very supportive towards Monitor. It was thanks to the father-son duo that we had become part of the MPMA community since 2013 and gained many good contacts in the process. They have become a great reference for us ever since, and this has helped to spur the growth of Monitor in Asia.

“As an SME, plastic processors have limited MRP resources whereby SMEs will use manual systems to plan, purchase, build and deliver which can kick off a company easily but difficult to scale in size.

As the company grows, different personnel and departments have to communicate and the amount of data generated will be laborious to be digested manually. This is where Monitor comes in with their ready to use platform.

For me, Monitor pairs well with plastic processors as their BOM & routing makes sense for our needs and Monitor's features provides higher value for money compared to some of the major ERP/ MRPs in the market.” Travis, Managing Director

PDI has greatly benefited from using Monitor ERP in the past 8 years. Today, given the high demand and stringent requirements in the industry, PDI had to keep up with the times in order to remain competitive. As such, they didn’t just need an ERP system supplier, they needed a technology partner who had the business knowledge and industry expertise that could grow together with them.

G5 is a game changer for Monitor as it encompasses new technology for the ERP system.
Travis, Managing Director at Prestige Dynamics Industries

Seow Suet Lee, Monitor’s business consultant and project manager mentioned that PDI was positive to proceed with the upgrade from Monitor G4 to G5 when approached. “We decided to upgrade to the latest version of Monitor due to newer functionalities.” Elan, IT Manager, explained when asked what made them decide to proceed with the upgrade implementation project.

For PDI, it was a natural progression to upgrade to G5 as it offers overall system performance improvements, flexibility to customize reports and create document templates for each unique use case.

“G5 is a game changer for Monitor as it encompasses new technology for the ERP system. It is more user friendly and also visually enhanced with the correct and related information within a single window for user convenience.

Imagine having a Google search bar in your ERP that finishes your search criteria, that’s what G5 is all about. Looking at the launch of G5, Monitor continuously recreate themselves to serve their customers better with matching needs and expectations for an ever-changing market environment.”  Travis, Managing Director