PT Inti

Upgraded to Monitor G5 within one month, and 100% online

Find out what Mr Lim, Director of PT. Inti Presisi Toolsindo (PT Inti), thinks about Monitor G5 and his experience of the upgrade process. PT Inti in Jakarta has been using Monitor ERP since 2015 and provides high-quality, custom-designed precision carbide tools for the aerospace, electronics, oil & gas, and automotive industries. The name PT Inti is currently synonymous with the highest quality. The company has now upgraded to Monitor G5, with the entire process, including training, taking place 100% remotely.

How would you describe Monitor ERP System?
"Monitor ERP is a company that is developing software ahead of its time in the manufacturing industry, by knowing the needs of its customers and the challenges of tomorrow."

What is your general impression of the Monitor ERP system?
"We have been using Monitor G4 since 2015, and have no doubt about it. A great system which is easy to use, and has enhanced our productivity, especially in a country like Indonesia. From order to delivery, everything is documented digitally. In 2018, we obtained ISO 9001 certification with the help of Monitor, thanks to Monitor ERP System."

"Before we decided to go for Monitor, we had a standalone customized Production Planning and Scheduling System. But with Monitor, every module is integrated. With the Manufacturing Module, planning and execution of orders is easily carried out. Delivery reliability to customers improved tremendously to around 80% on-time delivery, resulting in customer satisfaction."

Please do NOT hesitate to upgrade to G5, I am very happy that I decided to do so.
Mr Lim, Director of PT. Inti Presisi Toolsindo (PT Inti)

What is the biggest improvement you can see between Monitor G4 and G5?
"We just adopted G5 in March 2020. The layout has certainly changed. Functions are consolidated and easy to locate. I think the biggest improvement is the flexibility of G5; reports layouts can be easily customized and additional fields can be created. The new function, Priority Planning, is also a great addition to the system. Please do NOT hesitate to upgrade to G5, I am very happy that I decided to do so."

Which of the new functions in G5 are you particularly impressed by?
Apart from the Priority Planning mentioned above, the Part register and Material clearance function impressed me the most. With the Part register function, all information regarding parts is available. Regarding the Material clearance function, material shortage can be easily monitored.

Your upgrade took place 100% online. Can you let us know how this went?
"We've prepared for this upgrade since last year, 2019. IT infrastructure, new servers and computers were installed to facilitate the smooth transition to G5. This enabled the online upgrade to be done smoothly and also with the help of the support team from Monitor ERP, which made this possible. We also conducted a lot of in-house training on G5 before the migration, which helped our employees better understand the software."

Please share your experiences working with consultants from Monitor ERP System
"This online upgrade project was managed by Monitor's business consultant Per Häggmark, who contributed great knowledge and experience of G5 to make the migration possible. It was a friendly and helpful online experience. I would like to say a special thank you to Per, the co-consultants and excellent support team from Monitor for helping out on this project."