Production management must work in a Manufacturing Company – we speak with Merikarvian LVI-tuote Oy

On the coast of Satakunta, Finland, there is a buzz of activity. Satisfied employees are manufacturing components for the family-owned business's customers, and there is a permanent smile on the productions manager’s face. Finally, production management is working as it should, and the bottlenecks of the system are a thing of the past. Read how the ERP system, Monitor ERP, has helped Merikarvian LVI-tuote Oy streamline its operations and minimize production delays and the additional costs they bring.

The owners of Merikarvian LVI-tuote Oy had a clear objective: to boost the company's operations. There were, however, shortcomings in production management, and despite numerous attempts with the previous system, it couldn't be made to work as desired. Despite ongoing efforts to improve operations, it was time to face the facts: the business platform needed to be changed to make production management effective. CEO Marko Ojamo, alongside Production Manager Juha Ojamo and System Specialist Janne Sainee, set out to list the requirements for the new ERP system.

Juha Ojamo

Juha Ojamo, Production Manager

An investment in an ERP system was deemed to be a good idea, an investment that would genuinely help to achieve the business’s objectives. The primary objective was to solve production management issues. Additionally, there was a wish for all operations to be clear for both management and employees, which would eliminate the need for multiple software programs in everyday tasks.

"We had already tried several software solutions, but they didn't meet our needs, so we were disappointed. That is why there was a bit of tension in the air when we decided to implement Monitor. We discussed with the employees whether it would really work," says Production Manager Juha Ojamo.

However, the implementation turned out to be surprisingly easy.

Marko Ojamo

Marko Ojamo, Chief Executive Officer

"Our employees quickly embraced the new system. I no longer had to worry about every single step and no longer felt as though I always had to be on site. The employees could now start and finish tasks on their own," adds Juha Ojamo.

Monitor ERP, an ERP system developed for manufacturing companies, quickly proved its suitability during implementation. The ERP system helps employees stay on top of their tasks and schedules, leading to more efficient operations across the board. CEO Marko Ojamo notes that employees can always see what needs to be done and in what order.

Thanks to the functions of the Monitor ERP system, customers receive their deliveries on time.

"Now that the tasks are scheduled in the system, the delivery reliability remains high," says Marko Ojamo in conclusion.

Hanna Mari Kaju

Hannamari Kaju, Accounts Manager

Smooth day to day operations

The daily life of a manufacturing company can often feel hectic and involves complex processes that need to be managed. The brothers who own the company have noticed the change. Daily operations are now much smoother.

"From the employees' perspective, the new ERP system has brought about a lot of ease. I assume that previously, when employees couldn't get the software to work, they would hesitate with their work, and they would come to me saying they couldn't do certain things. People naturally want to do their job flawlessly. Now, the employees praise the program for being easy to use, and they can also make adjustments," says Juha Ojamo.

Monitor ERP has also led to the simplification of other processes, which has made the transition from manual and time-consuming processes to automated and precise information management possible. All information is in one system, accessible to everyone involved, and is always up-to-date.

Financial administrator Hannamari Kaju points out that the efficiency of the program is evident in time tracking.

"We no longer have to wait for time sheets, the hours come directly from the system. The structures of products are also available there, so we can see what we have in stock and how quickly we can deliver products," explains Kaju.

Janne Saine

Efficiency through systematic operation

For Merikarvian LVI-tuote Oy, precision and delivery reliability are crucial competitive factors. Achieving them requires systematic operation, which, in turn, ensures efficient production and high-quality products. According to Juha Ojamo, the use of the Monitor ERP system provides a competitive advantage through systematic operation.

"By using the Monitor ERP system, we ensure that schedules are met, components are correct, and they arrive from different departments to the warehouse in the right order."

Before the implementation of the Monitor ERP system, there were shortcomings, especially in the efficiency of stock management. Marko Ojamo explains that Monitor ERP has eliminated complexity and brought clarity to daily operations. Now, the stock balance of each component is known, and unnecessary processing is avoided as the program indicates where the goods are at any given time. Juha Ojamo nods in agreement, stating that with the implementation, there is also less waste because all items in stock are recorded. Manual lists are no longer needed, eliminating the need to carry papers around the building.

System Specialist Janne Saine says that Merikarvian LVI-tuote Oy now has a simpler everyday life.

"When the parameters are right, things happen at the right time. A few weeks after the implementation of Monitor, the production wheels turn exactly when they need to."

About Merikarvian LVI-Tuote Oy (MLVI)

Merikarvian LVI-Tuote Oy (MLVI) is a renowned Finnish company in the metalworking industry.

The range of products consists of specialty brass and pipe fittings. MLVI designs and manufactures specialty brass products as well as offering machining services. The company was founded in 1988 and we have over 50 years’ experience in the field.

MLVI manufactures superior qualification-approved pipe fittings made of specialty brass for steel, plastic, and copper pipes. The company also manufactures custom parts as well as provides contracted machining. MLVI works quickly and competently to meet the customers’ requests. They mainly work with DZR (dezincification-resistant) brass, but also provide completely lead-free brass products. MLVI has modern machinery and manufacturing processes.