Synerchem Group transforms manufacturing efficiency with Monitor ERP

In the competitive landscape of manufacturing, seamless integration and efficient management systems are paramount for success. Synerchem Group, a leading player in the food industry, recognized this need and embarked on a transformative journey with Monitor ERP.

Introduction: A journey of innovation and growth

Founded in 1993, Synerchem Group initially specialized in trading functional and specialty ingredients to food manufacturing factories across Malaysia. Evolving over time, the company diversified its portfolio, offering comprehensive food processing and manufacturing solutions consulting services, supplying and installing food manufacturing machinery, and venturing into manufacturing. Today, Synerchem’s product range includes powder-based products under the Bestari brand, snacks such as Kow Kow, Kenkee 1960, and Nomms, a fast-casual fried chicken restaurant chain. With a growing presence in the FMCG sector and investments in restaurant ventures, Synerchem Group has established itself as a versatile player in the food industry landscape.

Synerchem Group offers a diverse product range, including Bestari powder-based products, Kow Kow snacks, Kenkee 1960, and Nomms, a fast-casual fried chicken restaurant chain.

Streamlining operations for enhanced productivity

Before adopting Monitor ERP, Synerchem faced the common challenge of fragmented information across various departments. However, with Monitor ERP in place, led by Gavin Lai, Managing Director, the company achieved cohesion and efficiency across all levels of operation.

With Monitor ERP, we can efficiently control our stock, achieving 99.9% accuracy rate, which is a significant improvement.
Gavin Lai, Managing Director at Synerchem Group

Gavin also highlighted the annual stocktake issues, including discrepancies and missing items. With Monitor ERP, Synerchem gained control over their stock, achieving an impressive 99.9% accuracy rate. This tangible improvement significantly bolstered their operational effectiveness.

Empowering growth through automation

Jacky Wong, Group Financial Controller/Project Manager, accentuated the importance of tailored solutions. Monitor ERP seamlessly met Synerchem's specific requirements, ensuring user-friendliness, intelligence, security, and customization capability. This flexibility enabled Synerchem to maximize the benefits derived from the system.

Synerchem's journey with Monitor ERP reflects a commitment to innovation and growth. Gabriel Lai emphasized the company's social responsibility to ensure the highest quality products when it comes to both taste and food safety. With Monitor ERP, they streamlined raw material procurement, minimizing waste and ensuring optimal freshness.

Furthermore, the integration of WMS (warehouse management system) and ASRS (automated storage & retrieval systems) showcased Monitor ERP's adaptability to diverse manufacturing environments. By automating key processes, Synerchem reduced human contact with food, enhancing safety standards and efficiency, as Mohd Farid bin Yunus, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Executive (QAQC), highlighted.

The integration of WMS and ASRS with Monitor ERP at Synerchem streamlines warehouse operations by generating pick lists for accurate material allocation, ensuring precise stock levels.

Driving sustainability and competitiveness

As sustainability becomes increasingly important, Synerchem recognized Monitor ERP's role in aligning with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives. Gavin Lai emphasized Monitor ERP's support in their ESG project, crucial for navigating the dynamic manufacturing landscape and export market.

The Monitor team has been very supportive since day one, so we’re fully confident in Monitor. We’re happy with that and we can go to bed at night with this decision.
Gabriel Lai, Executive Director

Synerchem Group's transformation is further enhanced by the support and guidance provided by the Monitor team.

In conclusion, Synerchem Group's partnership with Monitor ERP has been transformative. From streamlining operations to driving sustainability, Monitor ERP has been instrumental in enhancing efficiency and competitiveness. As Gabriel Lai aptly stated, the supportive partnership with Monitor ERP allows Synerchem to rest easy, confident in their decision as they continue to grow and innovate in the industry.

Group photo featuring Synerchem Group’s Financial Controller/Project Manager, Jacky Wong, alongside the Monitor Team.