Magnus Ekstrand, one of the team behind Monitor BI (Monitor Business Intelligence)

Monitor BI (Monitor Business Intelligence) is a powerful feature that turns your business data into valuable insights. This strengthens your strategy as well as your company's competitive edge. Monitor BI is now included in our standard system, with Magnus Ekstrand as one of the team behind.

Magnus has been part of the Monitor family since 1999. What appealed to him was the variety, the opportunity to constantly learn new things, the freedom under responsibility, and not least, his colleagues. Magnus started as a consultant, but in 2016 he was tasked with leading the development of Monitor's Product configurator option.

Since then, he has continued to be involved in several development projects, and applied all the experience gained from his many years as a consultant into his development work, while continuing to work a little as a consultant. Magnus gives us the lowdown on BI.

How have you worked to create BI?
"As with all development with Monitor, we've sifted through all the requests and contacted several customers to get input. We've also looked at what's happening on the market within BI – so we could create a product which is at the forefront”. 

What benefits does BI provide?
"A great opportunity to take advantage of your business data by turning it into valuable insights and simplifying decision-making. Because the BI program is web-based, users can quickly and easily access their data, even when dealing with large data sets. A core advantage is that the system allows data from several different companies to be collected and presented in one and the same report, which is particularly useful for companies with multiple subsidiaries."

"We also provide ready-made, visually appealing dashboards that clearly present the most important key performance indicators for a company. These dashboards facilitate decision-making by offering a quick overview of important company information, although of course, customers can create their own customized dashboards. In BI, you can collect important key figures in clear dashboards and thereby generate a basis for decision-making in a simpler way than having to look at several different reports. This saves a lot of time."

A little bit about Magnus:
Year of birth: 1961
Family: My wife Annette and dog Miranda
Lives in: Falköping
Favorite movie: Hard to choose... I like many types of films. The Danish film, Our Time Will Come, is moving.
Favorite food: I’m not picky and enjoy both regular meals and trying new things. Sandwich cake is a delicious classic!
Hidden talent: I was an elite volleyball player


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