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Meet Fredrik Tåneland, one of the developers behind Sustainability by Monitor

At Monitor ERP System, we take sustainability seriously and have taken significant steps to meet the demands of sustainability and environmental awareness. With Sustainability by Monitor, we are taking a big step forward. By using Sustainability by Monitor, our customers will be able to measure their environmental impact, evaluate it and take strategic measures to reduce emissions and consumption of resources. After a year of work, it is now an integral part of our ERP system, with Fredrik Tåneland as one of the developers involved.

Fredrik has been part of the Monitor family for five years. After completing his studies, he wanted to enter the world of product companies. After careful consideration, he came to the conclusion that Monitor was the perfect choice. His previous experience in the manufacturing industry played a crucial role, as Monitor is known for its tailor-made solutions in this area. Fredrik tells us more about the development behind Sustainability by Monitor.

How have you worked to develop Sustainability by Monitor?

It has been an exciting journey that involved an intensive work process and a highly committed team. By working closely with our customers, we have quickly been able to develop a robust solution that meets the customers’ specific needs in the best possible way. The research process began in August 2022 and the development itself began in December of the same year.”

What has been the biggest challenge?

 Of course, there were challenges along the way. Creating standardized functions that are suitable for thousands of different customers is a complex task. But these challenges have been powerful driving forces that have kept us motivated and inspired us to overcome obstacles and achieve progress.”

What does Sustainability by Monitor offer, and what are its benefits?

“It offers many advantages; our customers are given the opportunity to supplement their existing data in their ERP system with important parameters such as component information and carbon dioxide emissions from shipping companies. This makes it easy for them to report environmental impact at product level and identify areas where they can make improvements to increase their sustainability. By measuring and evaluating their environmental impact, they can take strategic measures to reduce emissions and resource consumption. This will not only lead to a more sustainable business, but can also mean significant cost savings and increased long-term profitability. Us Monitor employees are proud to contribute to ‘saving the world’ by helping our customers to be as environmentally efficient as possible.”

What happens next?

“Our starting point is to build on a strong foundation and make sure our customers have all the necessary functions to maximize their efficiency in the environmental field.”

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