Sustainability by Monitor helps HSP Gripen cut its carbon dioxide emissions

To reduce its carbon dioxide emissions, the Sustainability by Monitor function is the obvious choice for HSP Gripen, a company that specializes in the development and manufacture of hydraulic gripping equipment for material handling.

Sustainability by Monitor helps companies measure their environmental impact, evaluate the data and take strategic measures to reduce emissions. Steps that are becoming increasingly important, with a new EU directive requiring that even small and medium-sized companies draw up sustainability reports from 2026.

"I heard about Sustainability by Monitor for the first time during Monitor's User Seminar in August and became interested," explained Tomas Jonsson, CEO and Marketing Manager at HSP Gripen.

Curiosity about the function continued to grow, and when Monitor posted details of a webinar to improve knowledge in this area, Tomas and his colleagues signed up right away.

"The webinar was very informative, and clearly outlined the type of data that needs to be collected in Monitor, and how this information is integrated with Monitor's other functionality. This is crucial for our ERP system to be able to generate a comprehensive Scope 1–3 report, and provide detailed information on carbon dioxide emissions at product level to our customers," added Marcus Norberg, Gripen's Chief Financial Officer.

"Now we've started working with Sustainability by Monitor, and have already seen how the function shows the emissions a product produces with great accuracy. It helps us to prioritize where to start working to reduce our CO2, and this will help us a lot," added Jonsson.