Conditions for support services

2 Support

This paragraph defines the support service that can be used according to the support and update agreement.

2.1 General

Support service is provided remotely. In cases where the case is not of a support nature, the customer is offered a quote for the desired service, which may also be possible at a distance, see chapters 2.3 and 2.4.

  • Monitors support department is currently open day , Monday Monday to Friday, with a break for lunch. Information on current opening hours can be found on Monitor's website, see chapter 5. 
  • The support department is contacted via fax, e-mail, telephone or case registration via the Monitor's website.

Example of a typical telephone support case:
A shorter phone call that has a duration of about 15 minutes. If the case tends to run out of time and does not affect anything classified as support, the customer is offered to purchase this service as extended support or training.

  • In connection with support cases, it is possible to remotely control the customer's computer if desired.
  • The customer must have the latest version sent by Monitor installed.
  • The person who contacts the support department and wants support must have the user privileges required to get help with the desired function.

It is only possible to get help with payment of invoices if this is part of the user's authority.

  • Monitor answers support cases according to the SLA table described in this document:
    Service Level Support

2.2 Scope of the support service

The purpose of Monitor's support service is to answer user questions that are not described in MONITOR's help function.

The following are examples of cases that are of such a nature that they are classified as support cases:

  • To remedy problems in Monitor's standard and add-on functionality.
  • Responding to user questions.
  • To correct mistakes.

If an error in the software is detected, the errors are corrected if necessary in future releases. The timing of the correction is governed by the severity of the error and the impact on the program functionality.

The following matters are not covered by Monitor's support and update agreements:

  • Customizations are not covered by the support agreement, only update agreements are signed. This is usually done separately per customization.

In cases where the customer has signed a special support agreement for adaptations, the extent of support in that agreement is shown.

  • Services related to updating.
  • Hardware, network failure.
  • Internet connection error.
  • Installation performed or performed by non-certified partners.
  • Monitor is not responsible for the customer's database. If, for example, power outages or hardware problems cause software or database damage or disappear from hard disk (or other storage media), the customer is responsible for making current and validated copies available.

2.3 Extended support/training

If additional help and support regarding applications of the program is needed, this is offered separately. This can be done both at a distance and at a customer's place.

Examples of customizations and applications are:

  • Tailor-made training on MONITOR functions.
  • Updating and installing new versions of the software.

2.4 On-call support

On-call support can be booked in conjunction with the customer's planned operation and maintenance activities. At these times, Monitor has staff in readiness to help with any problems. This is offered separately.

Examples of on-call activities are:

  • Sharp deployment during evenings and weekends.
  • Management of backup.
  • Server Replacement.
  • Upgrading the software to newer versions.

Daytime is specified according to Central European Time (CET), taking into account summer time. Except for Swedish holidays that occur weekdays and Fridays in connection with the Ascension Day of Christ. 

2.5 Personal data

By signing this agreement, the Customer agree to the complete terms of the Personal Data Processing Agreement in enclosure 1.

Processing of personal data is regulated in the Personal Data Processing Agreement, in enclosure 1 and terms in enclosure 2.

In the Personal Data Processing Agreement the Customer is referred to as "Controller". ”Processor” refers to Monitor ERP System AB.

Personal Data Processing Agreement

To some extent, Monitor ERP System AB, engages sub-processors specified in enclosure 2 "Approved Sub-Processors". Monitor ERP System AB reserves the right to change the hired sub-processors/subcontractors and will promptly update the enclosure at the time of such change, if any. The enclosure contains the approved sub-processors at present.

Personal Data Processing Agreement Enclosure 2

2.6 Customer data

Monitor does not have the right to use customer data unless otherwise agreed.

Monitor have the right to use customer data to fulfill the commitments in accordance with this agreement. Examples of use: troubleshooting and testing performance in local environment at Monitor, converting/migrating database to new version, regeneration of database as test and actual database.

The customer is liable that customer data is free from code which might harm Monitor or might cause security problems for Monitor.

The customer data is saved for no more than 90 days unless otherwise agreed.