Quality management at Monitor

We are constantly striving to improve in the area of quality. The aim is to ensure our customers are as satisfied as possible. Quality management is a dynamic process. We must adopt a focused and goal-orientated approach to our work, choosing the right activities. This applies right across the organization.

Monitor’s dedicated and knowledgeable employees have extensive experience and cutting-edge expertise. They are our most important asset. It is their skill, creativity, positivity, and hard work that make it possible for us to meet our customers’ expectations.

To ensure the continued commitment of our workforce as well as satisfy quality requirements, our employees take part in internal and external training based on Monitor’s core values: We strive to be committed and down to earth, with a long-term outlook.

We work in a structured way to resolve issues and create tangible improvements, with the long-term aim to identify all non-conformities – that is, when intended outcomes are not achieved – before taking a structured approach to each case. We look for the root cause and address it – both in the short and long term – to ensure it does not happen again.

All relevant departments meet once a month to coordinate their work. We review the current situation, learn from each other and decide how to manage cases that involve multiple departments.

Continually working towards improvement by taking lots of small steps that build on one another is a hallmark of effective quality management. The steering group within our quality project performs ongoing critical analysis of all activities that are completed. We are self-critical, asking ourselves: Did this lead to an improvement? Could we do more? Are we ready to take the next step? This leads to new ideas for improvement.