Nesting Software Integration

Automate communication between Monitor and the nesting software

Automate work with Nesting Software Integration

Our Nesting Software Integration lets you create seamless links between Monitor and your nesting program. This saves time and improves the quality of your reporting.

Work with cutting and punching? Then you probably use some type of nesting software. Nesting is the method used by the machine’s software to lay out the pieces of the raw material that will be cut or punched. This is key in order to maximize your production efficiency and use of raw materials, which is important both financially and environmentally.


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How it works

Integrating Monitor ERP with the machine’s nesting program creates a seamless link between the machine and the ERP system, so you don’t have to do the same job twice.

  • Monitor exports the relevant priority plan to the nesting program, which automatically generates the best configuration for the cutting/punching operation.
  • The nesting program then exports the data on manufactured quantity, time used and material consumed per manufacturing order back to Monitor.

Monitor’s nesting integration solution works with several nesting programs, so get in touch and we’ll check whether your program can be integrated with Monitor ERP.