Product configurator

Create advanced composite products in no time at all

Why you need our Product configurator

This option is groundbreaking for many companies that manufacture products where a wide range of combinations are possible. This cuts quote times from weeks to minutes in practice. Sales teams can easily put the product together, and when the quote is approved manufacturing can begin right away.

Web-based configurator

Ever tried building a car on a car manufacturer’s website? Monitor’s Product configurator offers a similar solution.

Resellers or final customers can configure products, view prices or place orders either themselves or working together. 

  • All data is loaded directly from Monitor.
  • Different login details can be assigned to different product ranges, appearances and languages, etc.
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Sales teams can easily identify variations that can be configured, see how much the finished products will cost, and then directly build a product and issue a quote.


When the customer approves the quote, the data is channeled to manufacturing where operations and material are automatically planned based on the selections made in the Product configurator. And of course, the configured products synchronize with Check delivery times and pre- and post-calculations.


You’ll get a detailed follow-up and traceability through an integrated product register with unique serial numbers for each product manufactured. This facilitates management of spare parts, warranties and maintenance.