Nitator works greener with Sustainability by Monitor

A prominent player in the automotive industry and a total supplier of sheet metal components, Nitator is one of the test pilots currently exploring Monitor ERP System’s new functionality, Sustainability by Monitor. Sustainability by Monitor is an environmental tool which helps companies to accurately measure their environmental impact and implement sustainability measures.

“We believe this is the right tool for us to meet our customers’ high demands on providing our carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) impact by part number in the future,” said Calle Hjersman, Strategic Purchasing Manager at Nitator.

Sustainability by Monitor enables Nitator to perform precise and structured calculations of its CO2e impact. By integrating relevant data into the system, it can identify specific steps in its supply chain where it can significantly reduce environmental impact. Thanks to real-time data and accurate analysis, the company can also make informed decisions aimed at improving its sustainability performance.

“Having everything in one system gives us a better overview of our environmental impact and simplifies our processes, so Sustainability by Monitor helps us a lot,” explained Calle Hjersman, Strategic Purchasing Manager at Nitator.

Working closely with customers in the development of new functions is an important principle for Monitor. By involving companies like Nitator as test pilots, we can gain valuable feedback and insight from actual users. This allows us to create a product that is more customized and useful for our customers.