Integrate the ERP system with your payroll system

Our integration partners in payroll


Kontek provides smart technology for salary management and fully web-based solutions for payroll administration, whatever industry you work in. As a customer, Kontek enables you to select the service you need – from a cloud agreement where you handle payroll administration yourself to a complete outsourcing solution for the full salary process.

Market: Sweden

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Visma Lön is a payroll program which meets the basic needs of small businesses, with automatic payroll administration and smart options that simplify payroll runs. For companies with up to 20 employees.

Market: Sweden

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Hogia helps companies that want to focus on their core business rather than complicated, time-consuming administration. Hogia provides everything from accounting software for small businesses to comprehensive, industry-specific IT solutions for public transport, hauliers, accountancy firms and retail chains.

Market: Sweden, Norway, Global

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Huldt & Lillevik ( Payroll)

Huldt & Lillevik is one of Norway’s most popular payroll systems. Payroll is a web-based system which automates manual tasks, saving time for employees, managers and administrative staff. 

Market: Norway

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Bluegarden offers a payroll system which suits small businesses with just a few employees to Denmark’s largest private companies and public institutions.

Market: Denmark

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Comarch Optima provides IT solutions for HR and payroll management. Comarch enables companies to gain an overview of employees, create structures which streamline HR management and calculate salaries by taking absence, working hours, bonuses and commission into account. You also can import and export printouts with up-to-date HR data and information on new laws.

Market: Poland

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Export of salary basis

Our Export of salary basis integration can export schedules as well as attendance and absence recording items from Monitor ERP to different export files intended for the following payroll programs:

  • Kontek
  • Agda
  • Hogia Lön
  • Hogia Lön Plus
  • SoftOne GO Salary
  • Visma 600
  • Carat
  • HR+
  • Personec
  • Huldt & Lillevik