Digitalize your invoice flow

Save time and money and quality assure your invoice management. Flexible, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly

Why you need Electronic Invoice Management

We know how time-consuming it is to manage invoices manually. This is why we deliver speedy, seamless invoice management right inside Monitor ERP. Each invoice is registered in the ERP system where it can be quickly verified and authorized, so you can get on with your day-to-day work.

The interpretation function integrated into Monitor EIM helps eliminate human error and provides a good overview of your invoices as well as a far quicker authorization flow.

  • This gives you greater control
  • It streamlines your processes
  • It saves valuable time
  • It allows you to process all formats in the same way

Let the interpreter do the heavy lifting

In this film we look at the amount of time you can save by using Monitor EIM, with automatic interpretation of supplier invoices.

  • All invoices are registered and captured seamlessly in Monitor, whatever the format
  • The intelligent interpretation function scans your invoices and ensures the right data ends up in the right place in the system

Four reasons to use Electronic Invoice Management

Web Big Time


Let Monitor EIM interpret your invoices and do all the heavy lifting
Web Big Optimal

Win time and work smart

Avoid unnecessary costs for processing paper invoices
Web Big Start

Always correct

Cut out those annoying, time consuming keystroke errors
Web Big Cloud

Keep it green

Use less paper, and cut emissions from transportation

100% digital

In this film, we talk about our journey towards a fully digital invoice flow here at Monitor ERP System, and look at the benefits it provided.

Getting started with Electronic Invoice Management

This is how Electronic Invoice Management works

Electronic Invoice Management

Supplier invoices can be received in Monitor ERP through various channels:

  • Invoices (paper) that are scanned as PDF files and placed in a specific directory (inbox)
  • Invoices (PDF) via email that are directly pulled from the email program and opened in an invoice viewing window.
  • Monitor-to-Monitor e-invoices (XML+PDF) that are placed in a specific directory (inbox)
  • Invoices (paper) that are scanned, interpreted, and then automatically imported
  • E-invoices that are automatically imported
  • Invoices (PDF) via email that are automatically interpreted and need to be verified in Monitor ERP before being registered


Electronic Invoice Management

  • Activate the function for invoice interpretation and import linked to CrossState via Monitor ERP
  • This facilitates arrival registration through automatic data registration from supplier invoices
  • Combine with Electronic Invoice Management to automate the entire invoice flow in Monitor ERP


Electronic Invoice Management

  • Activate a function to import e-invoices in Electronic Invoice Management. This allows your suppliers to send e-invoices to you which will be automatically imported into Monitor ERP
  • You can also activate a function to export e-invoices. With this feature, you can send e-invoices to your customers

Frequently asked questions about invoice capture

How do I get up and running with automatic invoice capture

You can activate the interpretation function in EIM yourself. This is fully integrated into Monitor G5.

Just follow these steps:

1.  Read through our Terms and prices for the interpretation function in EIM.

2.  Activate the interpretation function in Monitor G5.

3. You’re all set! There’s no fixed term for the service, and you’ll only pay for the number of invoices you interpret. 

Need more help?

Is there a charge to interpret invoices automatically?

The cost per invoice interpreted is based on the number of invoices processed. 

Price per invoice RECEIVED in Monitor as follows (SEK)*:

  • Invoice interpretation: +4.90

  • E-invoice: +2.85

* These prices apply if you interpret 1–10,000 invoices a year. For full prices and terms, visit this page.

E-invoices can also be sent from Monitor to the customer via Crediflow, our partner. Prices per invoices SENT from Monitor as follows (SEK)*:

  • E-invoice: +2.85

* These prices apply if you interpret 1–10,000 invoices a year. For comprehensive prices and terms, visit this page.

How much time can I save with automatic interpretation of invoices?

Naturally, it depends how quickly you can process them manually. As well as how many invoices you usually handle. In our semi-scientific (!) speed test we established that processing was seven (7) times quicker using invoice capture.