Let the Agent do the heavy lifting

Your automation robot

Make sure you never miss sending an important report. The Agent handles daily and weekly reporting on your behalf, and makes sure the right person gets the right report at the right time.

The Agent helps you automate your manual, administrative routines. For example, you can get regular reports from the system such as order inflow, sales statistics, etc., sent automatically to relevant employees. You can send payment reminders to customers, delivery reminders and notifications that supplies are delayed, among other things. You can also handle standard price calculations. 

How does the Agent work?

With the Agent in Monitor you can create monitoring tasks which automatically send notifications to certain recipients about selected events. This means you can keep stay updated if deliveries from suppliers are late, or when prices increase. 

This makes it easier to keep your promises. 

Examples of events the Agent can monitor:

  • Goods received in your warehouse.
  • Balances that fall outside a certain level
  • Operations that are completed

The Agent can also let you know when orders arrive, so you can swiftly channel material into production. This helps you to be more pro-active in your decision making and offers peace of mind when planning production. 

The Agent can also generate automatic reports.

Examples of reports the Agent can generate automatically: 

  • Sales statistics
  • Calculation of annual volumes
  • Stock value

Four reasons to use the Agent

Web Big Stash

Create secure levels of safety stock

The Agent calculates levels on your behalf
Web Big Time

Save time

Avoid repetitive manual tasks
Web Big Automation

Let the system do the heavy lifting

The Agent performs regular working tasks
Web Big Strategy

Work strategically

Devote your time to what’s important