Fighting the crisis with well-placed technology

In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, many industries and businesses have been paralyzed by lockdowns, and in Malaysia’s case, the Movement Control Order (MCO). However, all is not lost. At least not for those well-prepared organizations that have proper systems in place, which have allowed manufacturing and business processes to proceed unhindered. Though production capacity may be reduced for most factories, business continues as usual for these well-prepared organizations.

Our customers are good examples of organizations that have taken advantage of technology to enable smooth operation of their businesses during this crisis. The MONITOR system allows key business functions such as production plans, purchase orders, and manufacturing orders to be made and sent to the relevant parties remotely.

Back-office staff can work from home, while a lean team of production staff continue with manufacturing work at the factory. This arrangement allows our customers to meet the stringent operating rules set by the Government during the MCO.

At the same time, the Monitor team continues to work diligently from home, providing much-needed support to our customers remotely. Our customers can expect the same level of technical support as usual and can count on us to continue development and improvements to the system over this crisis period.

Although we are unable to interact face to face during this period, the advancement of technology has allowed us to keep in touch with our colleagues and customers. For Monitor and our customers, business continues as usual with minimal interruption, thanks to technology.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to know how you too can continue business as usual, from home, with the help of technology.


Daniel Häggmark

Managing Director,
Monitor ERP System SEA