Report work and attendance afterwards – everything is saved directly in Monitor ERP

Therefore, you need TimeCard

TimeCard is for those of you who do not always have access to Monitor ERP, such as mobile fitters, repair workers or others who work out in the field.

You can use TimeCard anytime, anywhere and log in from any device – smartphone, tablet or computer.

TimeCard provides:

  • Effective time recording
  • Automatic presence reporting
  • Better planning and follow up

TimeCard is vital for us as it saves both time and manual work
Birgitta Borin, head of human resources and finance at Borins AB

Four reasons to use TimeCard

Web Big Time

Simple to use

Does not need Monitor client or a recording terminal.
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Works anywhere
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Easy management

Report work and attendance after the event
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Recordings are saved directly to Monitor ERP

Report and stay organized with Monitor ERP

Monitor ERP’s TimeCard gives you access to different types of recordings and features:

  • Record project activity
  • Report operation on the manufacturing orders
  • Report indirect work
  • Report absence
  • Add extra material to an operation
  • Enter planned absence
  • Report additions
  • View time balances

Get started with TimeCard

Getting started


As TimeCard includes the in-logged user’s settings and rights via Monitor ERP, it is quick to get up and running.

This applies to for example:

  • Linked schedule
  • Priority plan
  • Assigned work and project activities
  • Available indirect codes
  • Available absence codes
  • Additions

What you need


To use TimeCard you need:

  • The Time recording module activated in Monitor ERP
  • Internet access