Monitor Expense

Simply expense management and save time.

Simplify expense management with Monitor Expense

With Monitor Expense you can easily manage expenses by creating a direct link between your company and your employees.

With the Monitor Expense app you can easily manage expenses, daily allowances and mileage reimbursement. All information is stored securely and accessible both via the browser and directly in the app. As administrator, you can adjust chart of account settings, create direct links to your company’s salary and bookkeeping system and modify the app's appearance. 

You can also link your company card directly to the app and get all transactions automatically in the application. Just take a picture of the receipt, link to the transaction and you’re all done.

With Monitor Expense, you can:

  • Submit receipts via e-mail.
  • Get automatic posting of all expenses, including corporate entertainment.
  • Link directly with company cards for automatic transfer of transactions.
  • Manage daily allowance both domestically and overseas.
  • Have mileage reimbursement linked to electronic driving records.
  • Effectively manage expense reports and authorization processes.
  • Send data directly to Monitor ERP and other accounting systems.
  • Automatic updates take place regularly without the administrator needing to act.

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Frequently asked questions on Monitor Expense

How much is Monitor Expense?
  • Monitor Expense costs SEK 89 per month and user.
  • Linking to a company card costs SEK 25 per month/card per user.