Our support department works closely with our development department in order to offer our customers the best support regarding MONITOR. Here you can read the terms and conditions for the support services.

Phone to Support:
If you are calling from Sweden: 0650-766 03
If you are calling from Norway: +46 650-766 03
If you are calling from Denmark: +46 650-766 03
If you are calling from Poland:   22 300 31 42
If you are calling from Finland: 07 532 529 43
If you are calling from Malaysia: 060 437 178 13
If you are calling from China: 0086 400 820 7126
If you are calling from Lithuania:  0037 052 140 257
If you are calling from Latvia:  0037 052 140 257
If you are calling from Estonia: 0037 288 042 09

E-mail: [email protected]

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri, 06:00-17:00 (CET)

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Our instructors/consultants conduct courses and training sessions in different aspects of MONITOR. The courses are held in Hudiksvall and Tidaholm. We also offer customized courses in MONITOR at your site or via distance training session.




We have received some questions from our customers regarding GDPR and the product MONITOR. We have come to the conclusion that we don't have to make any changes since GDPR mainly is based on internal procedures and documentation. 

The purpose of GDPR is to increase the protection of personal data. The company/person saving information is therefore required to know where it will be stored, where it will be used, and for how long it will be saved.

We have made the assessment that no personal data processing agreement is necessary between Monitor ERP System AB and our customers in order to meet the General Data Protection Regulation.
Monitor ERP System as a software supplier does not collect and process any personal data on behalf of the customer. Our personnel (support staff/consultants/trainers) who participate in training sessions/investigations using the customers' systems do this under authority of the data collectors. That is why we invoke section 29 in General Data Protection Regulation (that admit handling of personal data under authority of persons responsible for personal data or legal representatives, without needing a personal data processing agreement).

When databases are uploaded to us, the customer must ensure that the database has been anonymized. The anonymization is made via a tool provided by Monitor ERP System AB.

As of May 25, 2018, Monitor will no longer receive/store/handle databases including personal data.

How GDPR is interpreted is up to our customers.
We, as a supplier, cannot provide any general recommendations or advice in the matter.

Here you can read more about how to prepare your company for GDPR